Dec 1, 2010

Y is for Yelling

Yelling. Nobody likes yelling. Most moms I know do it. That doesn't make it right, but it happens. Like when your 2 year old tries to pick up her almost 8 month old sister by the neck, or when she attempts to wash her cabbage patch doll's hair, or when she stands on a chair and tries to find "fire" for a candle. Things. Like. That.  Sometimes warrant yelling in our home. On both ends.

And since I am guilty of yelling here and there, I fully intended on elaborating on that unfortunate fact in this post,  but today my two year old gave me ample material on her end to write about a different side of yelling.

Two year olds like to yell. The difference between her and I is that her yells are often happy yells. Squeals even.

The Tale of the the Loud Talking Toddler

Our day begins at 4:00AM with Davy and Gianna crying
Let's begin on a happier morning shout that starts most days around here.

As bright as sunshine and with as much energy as a roomful of sugared up 5 year olds at 6AM..."I'M AWAKE!!!" I'M AWAKE! I DIDN'T GO IN YOUR BED!" she hollered this morning from the living room where she wakes up most mornings because she wanders out of her room in the early hours and waits for the sun to come up from the couch. (As long as she isn't in mommy and daddy's bed, that is alright with me.) Immediately after I heard her, I tried to call in sick for my job today by telling my husband that I just need to take a personal day. Today. It didn't work.

So, there is something about a two year old that necessitates running whilst yelling. It's a perfect combo really. And they are all about fully experiencing emotions.  I guess that makes it more sensorial. And so she sprint/screams, MOMMY! GIANNA'S AWAKE! SHE'S AWAKE! MOMMY LET'S HAVE TOAST! IT'S SUCH A WONDERFUL DAY MOMMY! GOD LOVES US SO MUCH! (If only I could have that much joy when I wake up about starting the day with toast.)

We eat toast. She tells me she wants 'almost uncle' Doug  (auntie Lizzie's fiance) to come over and play. So I let her call him. "Goug I was wonerin' if you want to come over and play?" I heard her tell him. Who could say no to that? So about 30 minutes later this morning someone was at the door. I was alerted by screaming. "EEEE(insert giggles)EEEEEEEEa)!" Davy is someone there? "EEEEEEE(more giggles)EEE! GOUG! GOUG!" (sort of like Doug with a G.)

Then later her friend Maggie and her cousin Therese came over to play for the the first time in about a month and the high decibel talking just continued to get worse and worse louder and louder. She jumped on her bed and screamed. She played and screamed. She ate and screamed. It finally reached a point where she was unfortunately rubbing off on sweet little Maggie and forcing us mommies to remove objects  they were holding to get them to cease. It didn't work. And then our friends had to leave, which was probably for the best considering us moms couldn't hear ourselves speak anyway.

On a positive loud note, screaming can be effective for tiring out tiny people. And thankfully after all the screaming, she slept on the couch for 2 1/2 hours.

Then Davy woke up and colored while she squealed with delight. "GIANNA I'M COLRIN A PITCHURE FOR YOU!" Gianna tried to eat the picture. "GIANNA DON'T EAT THE PICTCHURE!"

Soon Daddy came home and was welcomed by some happy yelps and hugs and kisses from his three girls.

After dinner and cleaning up it was diaper changing party time, brush your teeth and pajama time,  followed up with story time.

I had a little night out and left before she was fully asleep and apparently Davy repeatedly yelled alarmingly "DADDY CAN YOU PLEEEEEASE RUB MY BACK? DADDY I NEED ANOTHER BABY!" for over an hour. He said he went in at least 15 times.

Now she is sleeping peacefully with every babydoll in the house and she can scream her little heart out in her dreams. Can't wait to shout with you tomorrow my little wild thing. I'll try to keep my loud talking as joyous as yours.


  1. Ana! Love your blog! And love you. Time really is flying! How are we old enough to have babies? What. the. heck.


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