Dec 23, 2010

C is for Christmas Card

Sample A

Merry Christmas!

What a year this has been! Our newest addition, Gianna, arrived on April 5th and is a rolly polly ball of love. Davy turned two this year and has brought more joy and laughs to our home than we ever thought possible.  They are starting to play together now and spend their days giggling and chasing each other around the house. We love our growing family!

Christopher has been biking long distances at lightening speed and participated in two criterium races! Maureen and Christopher completed their first triathlon together and both finished with all smiles. Maureen has started running again after a 3 year hiatus and has been blogging about the fun of being a stay at home mom.

Davy enjoys tea parties, Godzilla, going on walks with Daddy, Kroger-ing with Mommy and taking naps on the couch. Gianna loves smiling, getting tickled by Mommy, finding treasures on the floor, taking baths, waving to Daddy, and her bear. 

Hope your new year is filled with love and joy.

<3 your favorite "glass half-full family"

Sample B

Dear Friends,

Christmas is upon us already. What a year this has been. And although we are all still alive, we have had quite our share of doctor's visits and hospital trips. The only one to escape visiting the hospital for a medical emergency in our family was Christopher. He was too busy working long hours to get seriously injured or sick like the rest of us. Maureen was diagnosed with a chronic colon disease and will be on medication for the rest of her life. Davy has had a stomach virus for what seems to be about 3 months on and off. And our sweet baby Gianna just finished up her second urinary tract infection.

We have tried potty training Davy in many failed attempts. And now can unhappily report we still have the expense and unfortunate chore of changing two small persons' diapers daily.

Oh and little Gianna is still not sleeping through the night. That means no one else is either.

There are no exciting pictures this year of family vacations. The reason being we haven't gone on any.

Well, here's to hoping next year is twice as nice.

<3 your favorite "glass half-empty family"

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