Dec 16, 2010

J is for Jesus

Today was like many days at our home; Davy was in a particularly defiant mood. She wouldn't let me get her dressed for the day.

"Davy it's time to put clothes on sweetie."
"LIONS don't wear CLOTHES!"
alrighty then.

She didn't want to take a nap. Eventually, I cajoled her into sitting on the couch so I tell her a story to give me a break and stop trashing our house.

It was a story she's heard before. I didn't think it would really keep her engaged. But it did. It had what all the best stories have: tiny baby Jesus, animals, angels singing, and shepherds in the fields abiding.

She was enthralled by it and I could tell she wanted to discuss it further.

 "Yes, sweet girl."

"The cow did NOT eat baby Jesus."
"Oh ok. Good to know."

"He didn't smell baby Jesus."

"The COW licked baby Jesus!" [Ensued by toddler peals of laughter.]

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