Dec 13, 2010

M is for Mom

I've been hard on my mom a lot throughout my life. Why does she have to worry so much? Why is she always giving me advice? Why is she so momish? And other things along those lines.

Mom of the Year
I feel like I appreciated my mom approximately one million times more the day I had my Davy.  I never knew that I could intensely love someone so tiny that I hardly knew. It's weird, because, when they are tiny you think you love them so much. And you do, but then the love keeps growing and growing and growing with every kissed boo boo and dirty diaper. I am only 2 and half years into the game and I already am worrying about her schooling and her future friends and how many sports should she play and crazy things like that.

I would say about 90%+ of the irritating things about moms are because they love so much. And when you love someone so much you just worry sometimes.

smiling on the outside: worrying on the inside
True story:Soon after I found out I was pregnant with Davy,  I was sitting under a tree at a park in San Francisco with my hand resting on my belly thinking about little baby within. And do you know what I was thinking? She cannot go on a date. She can't go. Those boys only want one thing. That. is. what. I. was. thinking. Right now, Davy thinks that Cinderella's dad is the prince, so at least she isn't too boy crazy. That buys me a little bit of worry free time.

Back to my mom. I think she did a pretty good job raising me. Especially considering I wasn't the easiest child and definitely was a difficult teenager a lot of the time.

So if someone annoys you and worries about you all the time. Maybe they are crazy or they might just love you. Just throwing that out there.

Thanks mom I love you and I hope that I grow up to be just like you (worrying included).

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