Jan 30, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

And what a surprise it was. 
And boy was I surprised when I saw what my husband told the baker to put on the cake. 

Some of the people at the part-ay who were not camera shy in their pink and blue hues.
 pink and blue food.

Healthy party drinks.

Pregnant with third baby friendsies.

I don't know.


 Makeshift theater for small children and my bed.

He insisted we both cut simultaneously.

Anddddddd. Team pink wins! Yay for three little girls. I can't wait to put them all in a row with very large bows in their hair.

Jan 27, 2012

Tomorrow's Sex Surprise

Tomorrow... or actually today in like 18 hours we are finding out the sex of little baby C.

I. cannot. wait.

I feel like it's Christmas and I'm 4 years old.

We are having one of those sex surprise party things. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday and asked our technician to write down the sex on a little piece of paper and put another piece of paper over it and put it in a sealed envelope. She said it was very "clear." Take that to mean what you will.

We sent it to a baker and not to worry this is not mardi gras or bachelorette party themed and we aren't hiding any private parts in the cake. No matter what my husband may have told anyone who had him on speaker phone in the car with small curious children.

Tomorrow we will just cut a cake and on the inside will be pink or blue.

I will keep you posted. And I will try to remember to take pictures.

And if you waaaaant to comment a guess, I will mail you a piece of cake. plus it will be just like you are here tomorrow for the par-tay.

Jan 24, 2012

How to Stop Kids from Fighting

Lest you think I have forgotten about any beautiful people who read this blog. I did not. I actually wrote three posts in the last three weeks aptly titled; Complain Train, Awkward, and Embarrassing. I didn't publish them because they were horrible, I fell asleep, I suck. I was saving myself for this post and researching what works in our home when little children fight. See? Aren't you glad I didn't post those?

Any. way.

Back to important things like How to Stop Kids From Fighting. The way I play this game is with some little gems I remember screamed at gently whispered to me as a child, some of my own spastic explosions, and some things that are probably in line with the current child psychology trends. Some work. Some do not, but they feel so right.

In our home the fighting could be over toys or kitchen utensils or my personal prized possessions (the two pieces of jewelery I have left that they have not broken).

1. "DAVY! (Insert your older child's name here) Give it back to Gianna (younger child). She is so little." <---notice the focusing on Gianna's meekness. This only works for so long. Soon Gianna will gain the strength and fortitude to fight back. You might be creating a monster. A monster that gets whatever she wants because she is shorter.

2. If you guys can't play nice...I'm taking away this kitchen timer from both of you. <-----Usually this is followed by double intense screaming and crying with one child trying to outdo the other in volume and duration. It does end. But is it worth it if you lost the hearing in your left ear for 10 minutes? Maybe you should have just done eenie meenie minie moe catch a tiger by his toe.... At least only one person would have been screaming.

3. Do basically nothing. Nonchalantly yell the words "Share girls" from your favorite comfy spot on the couch with a snuggy or blanket.  <-----This almost always ends with a large thump and crying. Was your lack of parenting worth it? That depends what the thump was.

"Do not even look at the stuff from my stocking Davy."
4. Encourage the children in a civilized manner to "Use their words." Just like my friend Anne. She is a pro at at. Communication is the best way to get anything resolved <-----This is true. The only glitch I have noticed is that Gianna and communication are still treading on rocky soil. Gianna does understand two things, grab it and run like the dickens. And this usually works for her. Sometimes she finishes off the whole thing with a quick dodge into a curtain or a closet to hide with her booty.

5. Positive reverse psychology. "You GUYS are soooo nice to each other. I really like the way you SHAAAARE that tea cup." <-----Sometimes this works. Sometimes they look at me like I am an idiot.

6. Distraction. "Oh My Goodness, foul behaving children! I see the Garbage Truck coming!" <----can also work well if they are lacking sleep or just general intellect.

7." Everything is MINE!!! I OWN EVERYTHING IN THIS HOUSE!" Now this is a good example of when the parent screams as a last ditch effort to frighten children from fighting. <----***Anything. Anything and everything you say, CAN and WILL be used against you, screamed back at you, in probably a few minutes. Use this with extreme caution and if you like screaming and hearing screaming.

I hope this helps. When all else fails, just yell "Cookie!" Even if they kids don't hear you, go have yourself one.

Jan 3, 2012

Random Sounds of Our Home and Beyond

While feeding Davy very delicious Italian food at nearby locale, which was much more delicious than anything we have been eating lately over here, she said over and over,

"Mom and Dad, I am NEVER going to run out of love in my heart for you. I won't ever run out." Good food does that.

Davy and Gianna's very favorite new game is called screaming as loud as you can in unison until bursting into hysterics. It usually goes down when a parental unit is nauseous or has a splitting headache or is lost and late to a dinner date.  It sounds a little like this.

"AHHHHHH!!!" + nails on a chalk board and knives cutting china plates.

And here is a common Davy sound after she has left her bed and her room for the one millionth time of the night for no good reason. She usually comes up with something like this.

"Mom. I was just coming out here to tell you I love you and give you another goodnight kiss." sure kid. And of course I'll take the kiss. I'm sure this won't last forever, right?

Gianna: Wake up Call from the Crib

MOMMMAAAAA!...... a few minutes pass maybe....... DADDDDDDAAAAA!.......a few more minutes of trying the same old same old. POOOOPOOOO!  that last call usually gets adults moving. (sorry if if you weren't expecting potty talk. expect it.)

And usually I don't say much around here. Just trying to quietly lead my family through my actions  humbly and obediently. I'm sure you get that same gist if you happen to read this blog.  But sometimes I say a few words here and there....And most frequented words of the holiday award goes to....

Take. Baby. Jesus. Out. Of. Your. Mouth. and also, Stop running with Baby Jesus in your mouth. Not to be outdone by, "Please give one of those Jesus babies to your sister."

afraid of the oats and beans and barley
And in case you missed it. Christopher the wonderful father of 2 3, likes to "lay the smack down" when kids won't go to bed, by bursting in and singing (and probably doing a little jig,)

"OATS AND BEANS AND BARLEY GROW x2.... DO YOU OR I OR ANYONE KNOW HOW OATS AND BEANS AND BARELY GROW?"  (Raffi style with no peas, I found out after some really important research.) ---that is for you Natasha. The weirdest part about the song is that it really works like a charm. It really does lay the smack down. Who knew?

And muchas gracias for the shout out Shelia!

I hope you are all staying warm and snug in your snuggies and Uggs. Also. Tonight there is a meteor shower. I just thought you should know, if you like seeing 100 meteorites in an hour and don't value middle of the night sleep.

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