Dec 15, 2010

K is for Kill

In our house things die frequently. Not only things like herbs I forgot to water or cell phone batteries.

Other things.

Davy has pointed this fact out to us. For some reason she got the idea that items die when they fall on the floor. So logically if she is the one doing the majority of the dropping, she is killing them.

It started one day with a banana slice. She dropped it on the ground. Then announced in a morose voice, "Oh! It's dead." Of course I started laughing. And it never stopped.

chocolate on my mind
Then today after we made a giant gingerbread man, she dropped one (entire container of) chocolate covered craisin(s).  "Oh shoot!" she exclaimed they're dead." An hour later, Gianna, in her adorable rolly-polly happy glory, crawled over and found a dead chocolate covered craisin and shoved it in her mouth faster than I could let out a disapproving no sound. So I watched the chocolate dribble down her chubby chin and the largest gummy grin appear on her face. About 30 seconds later, she spit out the fruit-like center onto the floor. Dead for the second time.

I have no idea where this idea entered her tiny mind, but I can only imagine that it could have been from watching me irreverently squash a bug (probably a repulsive earwig) on the floor.

Then she threw me for a major loop, I was putting on some eyeliner and she was severely in need of some. Asking, pleading, nothing would work. So she looked at me with her big brown lively eyes and told me,

"Mom my brown eyes are dead. So I...." Then she trailed off.

It freaked me out. And it worked. Just like Toddlers and Tiara's I applied some nude eyeshadow to my two year old's dead brown eyes hoping to bring them back to life.


  1. @Mama Manak ;) Thanks! The other day she told me her eyes weren't dead anymore. I have no idea what changed. Maybe the eye shadow?


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