Dec 7, 2010

S is for Strollers

Just over three years ago, I began a quest. A quest for the perfect stroller.  I had a stroller-sized hole in my heart. You might know what I'm taking about. And if you don't, pretend I'm taking about the perfect cell phone or car. It's been that serious for me.

I've been on this sick materialistic quest for a stroller that is:
is extremely safe
virtually weightless
perfect for running
off-roading or muddin'
can accomodate multiple children if the need should arise,
reclines all the way should a child fall asleep mid-stroll 
luxurious for your child
perfect for newborn babies through age 6
definitely not dorky
adapts to fit carseats
has cup holders
hand brakes and foot breaks
closes with almost no effort
fits through doorways with ease
has a ginormous basket for supplies and shopping
complete with a huge canopy/sun shade and peep window with UV protection
your baby can face you or face away from you
snack tray for eating on the go
and last but not least a weather shield to protect your child from the elements.

Bad news. I have yet to find this stroller. It does not exist. So if you too have a stroller sized hole in your heart. I don't think you'll find anything to fill it. :( Double bad news, strollers can be expensive. Especially if you love them so.

If you truly are interested in all things stroller. Here is what I have learned from nannying in San Francisco and from my personal experience as a mother in the city of San Francisco and a mother in a suburb of Cincinnati who walks and runs a lot...

Some brands I like:
Baby Jogger City Mini- for lightweight city life. Nice double version too.
Bob Revolution-for running and off-roading and unparalleled maneuverability. The Revolution
Bumbleride Indie- for all around awesome looking, luxurious ride for your child. Does fit the bill for a lot of the crazy things I look for in a stroller. And wow do they have some cool colors.
Maclaren-for a sweet umbrella stroller, they even have Juicy Courture, Kate Spade, Lacoste and leather versions for your need to look sweet.
Bugaboo-for looking like a movie star and being able to have your child face you or away from you. And oh my gosh, they are coming out with a double stroller called the donkey and it is amazing! If I was a movie star or had money that I filled in a swimming pool and swam laps in, then I would buy this stroller.
Phil and Teds- One stroller, one or two kids, neato. Except one kid is a low rider and then you loose your basket. But really neat because it basically is the same size as a single stroller but with two kiddos.
Valco trimode-reminds me of the bumbleride except in their valco trimode double you can add a jump seat for three kiddos. And, brace yourself, add a "hitch hiker" board for an older kid and you could fit one more and bring that grand total up to 4. ooooooo.

I stalk craigslist (a giant garage sale) like a wacko and have bought 3 of my strollers from other mothers. And I think with each one, this. is. it.

The truth is, even the best stroller in the world won't make this job that much easier. And I think when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed I told myself, if  could just find this perfect stroller, I'd be happy. Strollers can make things a little bit smoother like having one that can finally fit into our local Coffee Please's doors. But all in all, life as a mom is just hard sometimes. So when the kids are asleep, find a friend  or spouse to talk to, read a good book, have a cup of coffee or tea, say a prayer and take some deep breaths. The answer probably does not lie in a new stroller.


  1. Haha. I love this post, girl. I have a HUGE stroller sized whole in my heart. I made a bit mistake requesting a travel stroller carseat combo. Ew. The worst. Even worse is that I no longer live in flat Illinois and it is SO not ideal for my new environment. My good friend, has the Baby Jogger -- City one. I'm so envious. I'm always telling her how jealous I am. When I'm on walks, I have to really pray to not be so jealous as I walk by all these smart city slickers with their gorgeous strollers. So, I, too, dream of the day when I have my perfect stroller and stalk craigslist like crazy to find it. However, I have yet to commit...

  2. Hi Maureen!

    Thank you for mentioning our Bumbleride Indie on your blog! Loved your post on your stroller experiences as a Mother and Nannie. Is that your Ruby Indie Twin in the picture?


  3. @Natasha, I'm sure you will find a stroller that makes all of your stroller dreams come true ;). Hills certainly increase the need for awesome strollers. I hear ya sister.

    @Ryan it sure is a ruby Bumbleride Indie 2009.We are definitely a fan! Love how the new version has a bigger canopy and UV protection on the window. Genius.

  4. I love the looks of the Bumbleride! And the fact that it comes with a lot of the accessories I'd have to pay extra for on my BJCMD. But alas, we don't have much trunk space and don't jog, or even go off pavement much, so I guess I don't need an all-terrain/jogging stroller (though I still lust after them). BTW, I read somewhere that you could buy the 2010 canopies separately to put on your 2009 model, if you want to upgrade yours. (Hope Chris doesn't kill me for suggesting it.)

    Oh, and the Donkey looks awesome! It does look like it has a lower weight limit than other doubles, but it sure is a super cool design. Ah, to be rich...

  5. @Christina! Thanks for the tip about the upgraded canopy. Saweeeet. Stroller lusting is a serious problem. I struggle with it. Obviously. I thought about selling Gianna for that Donkey, but I guess that would defeat the purpose of having it. Sigh. Ok just kidding. That's sick.


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