Mar 25, 2012


In case you were wondering. We. Are. Alive.

And well.

But it was not always so.

We have had some computer injuries to nurse...via the two short people around here. Something about a macbook's head falling off or something.

Also sickness and pregnancy woes and subaru sadness have driven me to silence. And we said goodbye to a beloved Grandma Betty.

And I haven't realllllly been quiet,  just complaining in person to everyone within earshot.

Thanks Mr. Favorite (he said it's a real name)  at Computer DNA for making all things right in the world again in internetland. And for giving my daughters jolly ranchers which they promptly gooed all over your windows, chairs, and giant X on the wall. I did try to warn of their destructive natures with the story of my computer injury, but whatev.

It feels good to be back unleashing my motherhood news on the world wide webisphere. again.

Talk to you soon while using my new same old and improved computer. 

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