Dec 6, 2010

T is for Time

Time is so weird, isn't it? I mean right now, as you are reading this, it's just slipping away. Right now you are in the present!  And here, now you are again! You always are in the present. Aren't you so lucky?

When I was a child I used to think 'time' was bizarre and I would try to capture it. Usually on really long car trips from Alabama to Minnesota looking out at rows and rows of pine trees I would think about how crazy it was that I was living in the present moment right now. And I could never go back to this time again. It definitely convicted me that I should try to make good use of what time I have. This is particularly interesting since I mostly do not.

I do try to make good use of my time. But, if you know me, you might know that I have a hard time staying on task. I guess you may have been right Mrs. Barton and Mrs. Pfieffer (RIP), maybe I am a little ADHD. I never got to take the drugs though. figures. Anyway, sometimes I forget what I am doing, half-way through doing it. Or get distracted by something else, ooooo or that something else. I do not have trouble staying on task if I'm doing something fun or exciting, but laundry and stupid chores often find themselves low on my list of daily priorities.
Too cool for school.
Oh my gosh, who cares about silly house work. The most insane part of 'time' is that we are all getting so freaking old. You're older than you feel I bet. I have found some gray hairs. I can't believe I am a grown up. I am definitely not mature enough or ready to be a grown up. And look at all these children! I feel like a Grandma saying this but, "They are growing so fast! And getting so big!" What are they on?  It's breaking my little heart. Davy and Gianna were just born not too long ago and now they are already Miss Sassy Pants and Miss Trying to Walk Pants. What the heck. I ask them on a weekly basis or more if I can freeze them. They usually say they don't mind, but then they keep getting bigger and cuter and closer and closer to what I've been dreading since they were in my womb...the teenage years. Maybe they will skip the teen years. That would be excellent. I'm a little afraid of teenagers. Ok a lot afraid.

Learning to drive me crazy.
So make good use of your time and let me know if you hear of any proven product on the market for stunting children's growth.

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