Aug 10, 2012

Seven quick takes, try try again

1. Guess what. I got a cell phone. Again. After playing cell phone musical chairs and hide and seek for 2 years, I'm going to keep this one. And it has the world wide web...which is fab. Becauseeeee.
2. My computer fell off a tiny table onto the wood floor. And it is unconcious. Crap.
3. 5 minute bread may make my life. Happy day.
4. Ulcerative colitis may make my life a little less happy. Mishap with my drugs has led to some pretty unfantastic colon glitches.
5. I love my kids and they are crazy. It makes sense though with the two crazy parent situation. Going on. And I am obsessed with babay numero tres. She is amazing.
6. I keep wanting to sell my house then not wanting to sell my house because I secretly (not anymore?) Love it.
7. Mostly because now I have flower window boxes and they make my heart smile. Andddd sweet potato vines which are glorious. I will post a picture in the future. Maybe.

Aug 5, 2012


So we had this very very delicious lemonade yesterday in a ginormous cup and Gianna wanted to keep it all to herself... so she looks at Davy and wags a finger saying,

"You tan't has this Davy, it have DAIRY."

little liar.

Then approx. one minute ago she picks a something gross from her olfactory orifice and tries to convince Davy to take it. "Here Davy, I has some gum for you."

And ironically as I typed this the little fibber herself is trying to point the other finger.

"You a LION, Davy. Mo-m Davy lion."

As I type this, she is offering me her sucked on thumb, as a last ditch effort so I don't post her latest flubs.

too late sista, this is going on online.
hasta manana or luego. sometime in the future.

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