Dec 19, 2010

G is for Godzilla

As a child my husband had a man boy crush on Godzilla. Yes, the Japanese monster dinosaur thing. Heck I think he still does. While we were dating he made me watch a few of the different versions.

And now we have another Godzilla lover in the house. 

I released Godzilla from captivity during a spring cleaning frenzy. After finding him in a box in the basement, as a joke I put it on my husband's bedside table to remind him of his monster-ish youth. He was slightly amused at my joke; Davy was ecstatic about it.

"OOOOO that's Daddy's, he was little?" 
 "Yes Davy that was Daddy's when he was little."

"Can I play with the dinosaur?"
"Yes, but his name is Godzilla."

And that's when their friendship began. Slowly at first, (he kept biting her) but soon she whipped him into shape. His days of terrorizing lego villages and destroying buildings are long over. He has a new life now. A pretty more civilized life. His days are filled with...well I'll show you...

Bubble Bath (in the hallway)

spit moisturizer is best

his first manicure. precious.

He takes baths. 
He's pet very awkwardly on his spikes. 
He holds hands and gets dragged around. 
He gets his nails done. 
He drinks tea at the tiny table. 
He still bites, but it's more of a love nibble that necessitates endless giggles.
 He sits in the high chair and is fed with a spoon.

"I love you Godzilla."
He naps in cradles with his eyes open. 
He reluctantly rides in strollers. 
He snuggles with a two year old. 
He dances to Cinderella's So This is Love song...

Hiding from Davy because she was being monster-ish
I know that she has been the single most positive influence in his life to date.  I'm just not sure he is the best influence on her.

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