Dec 5, 2010

U is for Urinary Tract Infection

I know. Urine and infection. Why on earth would I post about this? My sweet little baby cake, Gianna, was in the hospital for a few days, a few weeks ago with a really high fever and vomiting and dehydration. Ultimately she was diagnosed with a UTI (urinary tract infection) and possibly a kidney infection. She had a renal ultrasound and a VCUG (void cystourethrogram). Everything came out looking pretty good besides a thick ureter. So we thought yay! Just a fluke.

Beginning yesterday and today, the fever and vomiting have returned full force this evening. Delightful. She was up all last night with a fever and ululation and today the vomiting started again. :( she drenched both of us down to our underwear.

Because my other thermometers are about as useful as a unicorn cage at the zoo, I went out and bought a temporal thermometer. Very handy for sleeping babies.

By the way, sick babies are the worst. Heart breaking. I'm taking her in to the doctor tomorrow and bracing myself for a not very sound sleep tonight...especially since sick babies often go on a nursing strike, the utters turn into hard painful rocks.

Happy 8th month birthday Gianna! Wish I could undo whatever has caused you this fever and sickness. :( And happy St. Nicholas day tomorrow. Don't forget to leave out your shoes tonight!


  1. To quote Fr. Francis, Gianna is a "super nova of love"

  2. Oh, no! This sounds awful and so scary. =( I hope that this time won't result in a hospital stay... Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. It seems like this one might actually be a stomach bug...based on the evidence that Davy is quite sick with the same symptoms. yuck. We should find out Wednesday what Gianna's urine culture shows. Thank you for the prayers!


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