Dec 12, 2010

N is for Nativity

Jesus' friend, St. Nick
In case you have somehow missed this fact. Christmas has something to do with a baby born in a stable. Apparently the tradition of fashioning one for admiration and remembrance started with St. Francis about 600 years ago .

At our house, we have one. We actually have more than one. I had an extra one from my old first grade classroom I didn't put out because it was breakable. It was made of ceramic and I wasn't that attached to it. In a poor parenting moment this week when my loving husband was working late, I gave it to the very person who would break it, Davy. She looooves to play with anything baby Jesus related (who wouldn't?) and so it gave me some time to make dinner. Don't judge.

She played hard with the nativity players. Joseph, Mary, the three wisemen, and baby Jesus. She played a little too hard with them. She had them jumping on and off the ottoman. She had Jesus nursing on Mary. I'm pretty sure it was sacrilegious, but Davy kept playing that Mary was biting her finger and giggling. Then some even crazier things started happening. Heads were rolling. Hands were flying. And they were no longer attached to their little bodies.

I felt bad. The reasons for the season became so broken that fixing them would require more glue than our ceramic friends themselves. So we had to put them away in the circular file later that evening, aka the garbage.

Her playing with the plastic ones...what adventures they have!
I gave her some plastic ones to play with for the future. Sorry baby Jesus. Davy is still really excited for your Birthday party and the presents and your friend St. Nick.

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