May 14, 2012

Bedrest Blessings

So. Per usual I started a few posts to update all of you wonderful sweet people on the status of baby Cosette. And obviously, none were posted.

And thank you thank you thank you for the prayers and support and meals and celebrity magazines and candy and tulip bulb planting and watching my children. Esp. the newly potty trained one who has been stress peeing all over, including on sweet care takers.

Basically we are all still here alive and growing and growing thanks to the wonderful and very effective steroids that have been pumping through my system at a high and alarming rate.

Cosette is growing in utero! yay! The doctors are muy muy happy and I am officially 35 weeks. Double yay. So if she comes soon, all will be much safer than if she had come say a few weeks ago.

I really really really would love to complain endlessly about the effects these steroids have on my body, but....

a) if you know me and have talked to me, I have probably complained for hours on the subject, possibly in an awkward raspy whisper bc the steroids ripped my voice away  Little Mermaid style... and if I haven't talked to you or called you's bc I suck.

b) ummm. they obviously are doing their job and helping people around here grow at alarming rates, which was the point so I can't really complain too much.

I have had more time in these last few weeks to ponder and wallow in pain and read than really any other time in my life and I realized a few things that I will now dump on all internet lovers and I know I'm a day late but it's sort of about being a mom.

The Blessings of Bedrest

 I know everyone who has been on bedrest has different things going on and different situations and I have been very blessed to have meals and help with children and even though I could not be luckier, bedrest is not something I would ever want to endure again. I mean I would if I had to, but you know it's not as fun as it seems like it could be with all the resting and lonesomeness.

Little things-Ummm so most all days I sit on the couch with the window open and creepily watch everyone and anything that passes by my window. Birds getting frisky, weird dog walkers, my unsuspecting neighbors, hooligan teenagers with 2 liters of Mountain Dew and a skate board. Woah do I miss going on walks and sitting outside and playing with chalk with my girls, and just living.

Sometimes I watch my house fall apart around me while I sit and wish and wish I could clean. I wish I could clean. Just wanted to repeat that.

My girls- This one is the hardest. tears. I miss them. I have missed more of them than I ever had lately. And I cannot wait to hold them again and play with them and just live life and enjoy their preciousness. (hypocrite mucho.....I wrote this before I yelled at them in my last and only line of defense to try to get them to stop ripping off their sheets and go to sleep.)

I appreciate normal life more than I ever though possible. What a blessing it is to have children to hug, a place to live and clean, the ability to walk and live, no contractions, standing up for long periods of time.

As much as I use to relish my time on the world wide web, I've hardly spent any time on the computer at all. (Unless it is to look up side effects or WebMD's when to go the the hospital info- good times.) I am much too interested in watching the baby rabbit out the window or wishing very terrible awful things upon a certain hound dog that lives behind me and has a serious barking problem and being envious of all the mommy walkers and strollers parading by my house. kiddinggggg..ish.

Andddd in case you are getting some sort of false drift that I am taking all of this bedrestness beautifully, my husband just walked in the room to ask me if I was still crazy. And of course I am. Common side effects of 4 weeks of false laboring and crazy contracting. pleasebeoversoonandthanks. 

If you are still reading....clean some dishes for me at your house or let your kids jump on you. And please remind me of this post in like 6 weeks when all will be ca-razy at this house. Also, if someone asks you if you want to take steroids for fun or for a clinical trial while pregnant...ummm say no.

Andddd pray for me that I remember that this too shall pass. right?

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