Dec 21, 2012

It's Not the End of the World if you Take a Blog Sabbatical

Hey blog friends,

You were worried, I'm sure. It has been about 3 months
since we checked in to say we are

still at it. Living and surviving, that is. And if your husband asks you what you do all day, don't mention that. "Forming young beautiful souls" would be a better choice. Don't ask me how I know.

My sicky sick colon has been in its most ill form to date just in time for Christmas. But this is going to be a spectacular navidad for sure. Daddy is taking legit time off, mommy is going to catch up on some late saint doll painting, and the children will continue to play peacefully and tidily, no doubt.

My house is just over 1k square feet. In most places in the world I realize this is a luxury. Howeva. Lately I have been feeling a stitch claustrophobic and where can we fit all the stuff we have and continue to accumulate. Cue new pantry in the kitchen for moi. Almost done. Happiest day. And a new ginormous sink that will not at all look awkward with out 4 square feet of countertop. Can't wait to bathe all three girls in the sink.

My girls are amazing. Maybe it's the 2/3 of them sleeping talking, but they really mostly make me want to be a better person and paint rainbows all day and bake cookies and run away alone from my house with no shoes on, all rolled into one little life.

K gotta play "activity" aka nativity with Davy.
Peace in the east. Also, I was so happy the world didn't end today so that I could say hey to you blog friends. Hope your day was swell.

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Sep 26, 2012

When Stay at Home Moms Don't Stay Home

Or why is my house looking more like a dumpster and less like a home? And we weren't even here to mess it. notfair.

I left home today at 9 and didn't get home until 9. I don't even have a societal recognized profession.

I really didn't do much if you are looking for actual results, but I did learn lessons of life and I am here to unload them on to the world wide webisphere of love.


This morning I had my class where I learn to be a good mom/wife from the school of the best one yet. The very Blessed Mother. My True Devotion class. It is truly enlightening. The 2 times this year have gone at least. In fashionably 20 min. late fashion with some bathroom breaks, nursing/ soiling babe and momma en leche, and waiting for screaming to subside after I drop of Gianna (and Davy) in the fun kid room with very nice babysitters.

Except today, Gianna's screaming did not end and I felt like the right thing to do was to removed her and the rest of our girl posse from promoting momma's sanctity/sanity. sad day.

I got the notes from a friend. Basically that humility and obedience are must-haves for your road to being a phenomenal soul.

I went ahead and forced some humility into the morning after class via Plato's Closet. If you are trying to learn humility, bring some of your old favorite clothes into the store and have some obvi, very hip and dedazzled teen tell you that you are basically frumpy and ugly and they don't want your weird stuff. yayyyy humility.

Obedience didn't quite happen for anyone at our house today. But there is always tomorrow for dreams to come true.

i meant to add a really touching picture of my children.  pretty much the same thing.
The rest of the day away from home was spent at Grandma's for lunch and a fresh canvas to mess, Goodwill, the real Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for Davy, picking up Daddyo and driving him to a meeting with our three bambinas in the back of our very spacious and glamorous Ford Focus/clown car, Fiesta de Chipotle! and Davy's very first big girl shopping outing to buy clothes that are not hand-me-downs. We usually rock hand-me-downs like it's our job and love them so, but Davy is built like a pogo stick and we are having trouble getting things to stay on her little self and look mildly normal.

Plus, that eggplant floor length velvet favorite of hers was starting really show some ugly mom vanity all over me.

Sep 24, 2012

Wild Gardens of Monday or Adult ADHD

We picked some carrots from our garden today. It's ok that some were like one millimeter in circumference, right? Maybe we can put them in a salad for dolls. I didn't know what to do because some rabbits or aliens were eating the tops off. So... I impulsively picked them with my toddler friends.

I also just got a book called "breaking the vicious cycle" via amazon and an unmarked white kidnapping van. I ordered it last week after feeling especially ambitious and sick of ulcerative colitis impromptu parties.

Please don't tell anyone that has been trying to convince me that food will heal all things related to my brain and digestive system that I am starting to convert.  I do not fully believe that grain is evil evil. I am trying to be open minded. But not so much that my brain will fall out.

I saw a really phenomenal film yesterday. Definitely felt like I was on top of culture and societal norms after a few years of being hidden away stayathomemomin' it up. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. It was breathtaking. Davy has been reminding me all day of little things she learned about dogs from the movie. Yay for homeschooling preschool. Science class for the week.

Gianna and Davy are taking part in a Words of Wonder pseudo-Catechesis of the Good Shepherd FREE program at our church. It has been nice. Last week Gianna spent the bulk of the class rolling around wrestling two stuffed sheep on a green pasture rug. Then today some girl completely decked Davy for no reason after class. Her little body went flying into a wood chair after contact. I watched this little girl get a crazy look in her eye and literally run arms outstretched at an unsuspecting Davy across the room. It kind of freaked me out.

Usually when other kids hurt my precious babes, I am relatively laid back. But this time I was torn between wanting to score some revenge for Davy and run away in case little blondie wanted a piece of me too. 

Anywho. My tiny sweet baby Cosette has been sick for a few days over here and it hurts my motherly heart and my IQ which has been dwindling steadily for 4 and a half years due to scant sleep situations.

Someone very wise wrote commented on post about baby #3 that the third baby is magical and they. were. right.

I wear that belly dancing skirt every day. don't judge. it helps me clean.
She is not only my favorite person ever, but she is kind of like a little drug of happiness. Baby crack. Yay for awesome babies. Hope your day was filled with non-drug induced happiness, too. And in case you were wondering....Caffeine is not a drug: it's a medicine for mothers.

Sep 18, 2012

Grocery Shopping Without Kids Sucks

Yeah.  I said it.
You think I'm crazy because grocery shopping WITH them is sort of like bathing in invisible lava while all of your frenemies gloat at your twitching and yelling. (Promise no more analogies, and no more chocolate covered espresso beans after dark.)
But tonight I went out. With coupons. And a legit list. Sans kiddos.
And tonight I was slammed with the very very unfortunate reality that I actually still suck at grocery shopping even though no one distracted me physically.
This is what did distract me.....
Someone glanced at me in a friendly, nonthreatening way near the raw chicken, as if I was normal. It completely weirded me out for two reasons. Firstly, I am def. not normal. And secondly, I was alarmed that I felt like I needed to communicate to this stranger, "I'm a motha, yo. You don't knooow me."
And mister raw chicken aisle smiler, if my three extra appendages were here, you would only look in my general direction to count to three, because when they flail, they seem to multiply.
Then you might think, hmmmm, they all look awfully little, maybe I should ask that woman if she plans to make more of them or show her how witty I am with a joke alluding to her obvious ignorance of birth control.
Besides my very awkward offense at stranger smiles, I was a little irritated that when I got home and saw all the extra non-list items I had thrown in the cart, I couldn't tell myself that it was alrightbecausethekidswerecrazyandyoujusthavetothrowstuffinthecartandgetthehellodollyoutofthere.
And if you read that ridic runon sentence, you win a grocery trip alone that somehow makes you miss your kids.
orrrr reward yourself with some coffee medicine+your child appendages. goodtimes.

Sep 10, 2012

Something Deep or Crazy

Since I haven't written on my lovely blog in like oh a MONTH! What the what? I decided today would be a good day to come on back to my lovely little home of world wide web therapy and unload my little (ok maybe not so much) self onto the internet.

A few things/ excuses. Just a reminder that my computer fell from about 4 feet because someone adorable and 4 years young at mi casa knocked it down. a while ago. I think I mentioned it once or 10 times. And....I still am without one.  This is a good thing if you are tiny at my house, because I am much more attentive, but a bad thing for my internet therapy sessions.

This is my husband's work computer. Thanks work and thanks husband who passed out next to me from pure exhaustion.

Today was a little cray cray. Not really. Pretty normal. Crazy is the new normal over here.

Bring. it. on. 

That's been my newfound drunkwithmotherhood bad-itude over here since we became a family of children thrice over.

How much crazier can it get? I can do this. I'm not really really tired. These have been my new mantras.

Then today came and some old lady knocked on my door and just shook me down from my tree of feeling slightly capable.

She had on bright red lipstick, purple gray hair and a pretty damn accusatory tone.


She was squinting at me all cock eyed and crazy faced.

I had to tell her the glaring truth.

"Yes. I ran in the house to get my other one and put her in the stroller."

I didn't even mention the baby I had to strap to a carrier or the Davy wardrobe malfunction or the fact that Gianna was buckled in safely far from the street in a stroller and that I had been OUTSIDE as crazy face approached my house. I though surely she had seen me run in?

And then she still looked at me like I had three wild heads to match my kids.

" you want me to sit outside with her so she isn't ALL ALONE?"

"Oh thanks, but I think she'll be ok, we are coming right out."

She sneered at me and so I conceded, "I mean if you want to, sure???"

I got outside like 30 seconds later, Gianna was asleep in the stroller and that weird old lady was halfway down the street, probably planning to call CPS. awesome blossom.

Note to self: face stroller away from street if you have kids in it and crazy looking ladies walking by.

I need your help to pretend there is a really cute picture of my girls {here} in bed in the early hours of the day all cozied up next to our little cozy Cosette. That's my favorite picture lately.

I miss reading all my favorite mommyblogs. I will be back to y'all soon.


Aug 10, 2012

Seven quick takes, try try again

1. Guess what. I got a cell phone. Again. After playing cell phone musical chairs and hide and seek for 2 years, I'm going to keep this one. And it has the world wide web...which is fab. Becauseeeee.
2. My computer fell off a tiny table onto the wood floor. And it is unconcious. Crap.
3. 5 minute bread may make my life. Happy day.
4. Ulcerative colitis may make my life a little less happy. Mishap with my drugs has led to some pretty unfantastic colon glitches.
5. I love my kids and they are crazy. It makes sense though with the two crazy parent situation. Going on. And I am obsessed with babay numero tres. She is amazing.
6. I keep wanting to sell my house then not wanting to sell my house because I secretly (not anymore?) Love it.
7. Mostly because now I have flower window boxes and they make my heart smile. Andddd sweet potato vines which are glorious. I will post a picture in the future. Maybe.

Aug 5, 2012


So we had this very very delicious lemonade yesterday in a ginormous cup and Gianna wanted to keep it all to herself... so she looks at Davy and wags a finger saying,

"You tan't has this Davy, it have DAIRY."

little liar.

Then approx. one minute ago she picks a something gross from her olfactory orifice and tries to convince Davy to take it. "Here Davy, I has some gum for you."

And ironically as I typed this the little fibber herself is trying to point the other finger.

"You a LION, Davy. Mo-m Davy lion."

As I type this, she is offering me her sucked on thumb, as a last ditch effort so I don't post her latest flubs.

too late sista, this is going on online.
hasta manana or luego. sometime in the future.

Jul 31, 2012

A Blog: Somethin' Womans Type On

Davy who do you want to be like when you grow up?

A good girl. Gigi is eating crayons and she is giving them to me saying "This gum.This gum" and I don't want to.

Davy don't kick Gigi.

Gianna get off Davy's back.

{Now Davy is giving Gianna a ride on her back. They're laughing. crap. she's hurt from the extra weight on her back. She hurt her knee.}

Davy is singing "Christmas flowers then we hold hands. Christmas flowers then we hold hands. Christmas flowers then we hold hands. holding your hand holding your hand holding your hand."

I asked her what exactly she was singing and she translated and then added that the flowers are, you guessed it, glow in the dark.

Davy what is your fav. thing to do outside?

Eat Popsicles on the front porch. And playing. And playing inside. 

{More Christmas holding hands song.Baby is stirring.Gianna is drawing me pictures and bringing them to me. Gianna brought me a water bottle to open.My kitchen is covered in crayons.Davy has taken it upon herself to get some water. She is now in a laundry basket on the couch.Cosette is now crying. Davy fell off couch.}

Davy what is a blog?

Somethin' that womans type on.

Jul 26, 2012

What Day is it?

And what month is it? I feel like I was sucked into a time warp or something for the last 4 months or so-ish. When I happen upon the date I immediately assume that something is obviously from last year because there is no way that it is yet June. But it seems that July has almost passed me by and I need to get in the freaking game.

And cut myself some slack because I just had a baby like a few weeks ago ummm 9 weeks ago. so for real this time, I'll try to be legit.

Can I go on a babymoon? like with just the baby.
It has been quite an adjustment getting back into the swing of reality and survival with three bambinas and one newly occupationed husband. More on all of that fun later. Just picture someone with who's had like 4 pina coladas and/or no sleep hanging out with 3 tutu wearing girlies under 4.

And today arrived like many in the last few weeks with plumbing adventures which distracted me while my closet was emptied of clothes by 2/3 of the girl squad. But those clothes really don't fit me anyway so maybe they are better suited as  a "nest" for babies in the corner of my bedroom. And then more crayon art was colored on my already decked walls and furniture with the added surprise of a waxy purple jumbo sized shoved in my very sweet 9 week old Cosette's mouth. Davyyoubetterrunbeforeyouareseriouslyinjured. for reals.

And some of those events contributed to the fact that I needed to go on a walk with a very very beautiful and pregnant friend which brings me back to the reason I do know the date today.

Dates can be important when little babes are arriving and as we were trying to figure out the date. I came to the rescue after I looked at my watch and told her it was the 24th. aaaaand she brought me back to reality and to July 26th. Excited to be here folks.

Jul 9, 2012

5 years of Poison Ivy Love

This weekend, on almost exactly the five year anniversary of the day I took my vows and married my love, he was plagued with a horrible bout of poison ivy that has rendered him partially incapable of his normal level of help in the parent portion of our family.
what do you mean by "in sickness and in health" exactly?

I have on occassion bemoaned my state in life when he is less than available due to crazy work hours or unjustifiable tiredness. But this poison ivy situation really threw me. We had a weekend filled with a dad's b'day fun, a 5 year anniversary of marital bliss, pedicures and confession with pregnant friends, a big sis's wedding and reception with a 6 week old in tow, Cosette's baptism, and a very last minute party. I just needed him to be on his A game so that we could make it unscathed. And we did. mostly. But I was kinda irritated here and there with his oozing wounds and calamine lotion and gauze. whatajerkiam.

a little baptism action. more on that later.
And then this evening I remembered he did 6 short weeks ago for me for my 6ish weeks of horribleness while I was on bedrest. ummm. I have only been at this solo-ish for a few days and I know the end is in sight. Can I get a hoo-rah for drugs tomorrow.

And did I mention that he is muy muy uncomfortable. Our city beat it's record of heat in like 77 years or something. Thermometers were saying 106. And I'm pretty sure heat and poison ivy are not a fun combo.

I mean he completely held up the fort here at home after full days of work while transitioning into a new job. He put girls to bed, kept me alive while I was gestating in a form far from who and what he married, and kept our home liveable.

Easter: Daddy and Gi
So even though things get a little tiny bit crazy and itchy sometimes and I can be crazy and bitchy sometimes, I am so grateful to be married and have someone through the "good times and bad, and sickness and health." Because. ummm. marriage is really full of those times.

Jun 23, 2012

A Good Shepherd

Since I am going back to blogging in a fierce way, I think I will let you all in on a little secret of mine. I <3 arts and crafts. I'm not really good at following directions or making things look perfect, but I do love to procrastinate creatively. Unfortunately there will never be a tutorial situation going on, but I think  if I do a little craft from now on I will let you in on whatidowhenishouldbecleaningthekitchen.

Davy has been begging for a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd style Good Shepherd my lovely sister had to go and make her 2 year old a really cute good shepherd and sheep material. So here is what we came up with today in between potty accidents and fun with some wood and paint from around this crazy place.

Davy painted the sheep and fence posts and I finished up the gluing this evening. I hope she likes it and doesn't destruct it tomorrow morning before mass. I'll let you know.

Jun 22, 2012

I'm Alive Again and I Had a Baby and first ever 7 Quick-Takes

Ummm I was a 7 Quick Takes Friday Virgin.

Until today. 

 I had a baby! yay for Cosette Regina. And I had her 4(!) weeks ago! woah. 

Cosette Regina was born May 25th at 1:39PM and weighed 6lbs. 5oz and was 19 inches long.

Sorry for not saying something sooner. I have been wishing and hoping and praying that I would find my camera battery charger which went missing approx. 2.5 months ago, pre-bedrest, and have been milking this excuse for not blogging for far too long to alarm the world of her arrival and of my annoying bedrest behavior and personality.

In my vanity, I was really hoping for an adorable baby girl donning bow pic, but alas I have nothing for you...except an extremely bruised little girl face from my brother in law, which I may or may not post.

I will come through soon with something cute-ish. maybe.

And also I may tell the very very interesting and graphic details of my little sweet's birth. But I also might not. It could be a surprise.
heyyyyy I forgot about photobooth.

Ummm no more steroids for my body. Ever. ever. EVER. I hate them and they hate me and they wreck me in the worst ways. And I'm not talking about the fattiness. Which is obvious and was kind of the point this time. The worst part, besides the incessant pre-term laboring and horrific contractions for 6 weeks, was they robbed me of my very brain and personality and just sucked the life out of me. And I had 99 out of the 100 possible side effects.

I am feeling a lot a lot a lot better now and my brain is coming back slowly and wearily. So bear with me.

Davy is at VBS. That's Vacation Bible School, for you heathens. ;) I love her so very freaking much. But boy oh boy is she high energy. And by high energy, I mean destructive. In a few short weeks, we have a completely crayoned bedroom, a glitterized basement, and a house with chunks of deodorant in random places. She is also awesome and a trip and makes me want to be 4 years old and her best friend. But how can I miss her if she won't go away? jk. It's just an old family saying.

Somebody fell off the Potty Train. And her name is Gianna. She was so so so potty trained pre-bedrest and now she is so not. She pooped on the kitchen floor 10 minutes ago. not. fair.
She also just passed out partly on top of me, wearing only in princess underwear and piggy-tales. She is so precious and ireallyhopeshedoesntpeeonme. A new baby has brought out some adorableness in Gianna and some expected alarm. Last night as dinner was wrapping up, she was dangling from the moses basket in its stand, with poor baby Cosette inside. Thankfully their lives were saved just in time by a very slow recovering mother. 

5x10=my mom. The steroids rendered me incapable of such fun. And now I can do simple math in my head. It's exciting. Guess what else is exciting? My mom is 50 today. And she is still hot. And I bought her a baking dish. Nothing says 50 like a white baking dish. And I can't wait to party with you mom. Like with a coffee and a walk. Maybe in a few weeks. Par-tay.

I have 3 kids now. I have forgotten a few times. Which is why it is imperative for mothers to have either 

a) ample sleep
b) coffee.

Obviously the former is not going to happen so the latter is completely necessary for everyone's survival. I hope you are reading this Anne.

husband+2/3 girls
I. am. so tired. And I hope you are reading this husband. 

Since this is my favorite number, I want to say something fun. blogging is fun. being a mom is fun. tune back in each Friday for some fun mom blogging and hopefully in between too. gg someone may or may not have thrown up on me.

sleeping. as always ;).

May 14, 2012

Bedrest Blessings

So. Per usual I started a few posts to update all of you wonderful sweet people on the status of baby Cosette. And obviously, none were posted.

And thank you thank you thank you for the prayers and support and meals and celebrity magazines and candy and tulip bulb planting and watching my children. Esp. the newly potty trained one who has been stress peeing all over, including on sweet care takers.

Basically we are all still here alive and growing and growing thanks to the wonderful and very effective steroids that have been pumping through my system at a high and alarming rate.

Cosette is growing in utero! yay! The doctors are muy muy happy and I am officially 35 weeks. Double yay. So if she comes soon, all will be much safer than if she had come say a few weeks ago.

I really really really would love to complain endlessly about the effects these steroids have on my body, but....

a) if you know me and have talked to me, I have probably complained for hours on the subject, possibly in an awkward raspy whisper bc the steroids ripped my voice away  Little Mermaid style... and if I haven't talked to you or called you's bc I suck.

b) ummm. they obviously are doing their job and helping people around here grow at alarming rates, which was the point so I can't really complain too much.

I have had more time in these last few weeks to ponder and wallow in pain and read than really any other time in my life and I realized a few things that I will now dump on all internet lovers and I know I'm a day late but it's sort of about being a mom.

The Blessings of Bedrest

 I know everyone who has been on bedrest has different things going on and different situations and I have been very blessed to have meals and help with children and even though I could not be luckier, bedrest is not something I would ever want to endure again. I mean I would if I had to, but you know it's not as fun as it seems like it could be with all the resting and lonesomeness.

Little things-Ummm so most all days I sit on the couch with the window open and creepily watch everyone and anything that passes by my window. Birds getting frisky, weird dog walkers, my unsuspecting neighbors, hooligan teenagers with 2 liters of Mountain Dew and a skate board. Woah do I miss going on walks and sitting outside and playing with chalk with my girls, and just living.

Sometimes I watch my house fall apart around me while I sit and wish and wish I could clean. I wish I could clean. Just wanted to repeat that.

My girls- This one is the hardest. tears. I miss them. I have missed more of them than I ever had lately. And I cannot wait to hold them again and play with them and just live life and enjoy their preciousness. (hypocrite mucho.....I wrote this before I yelled at them in my last and only line of defense to try to get them to stop ripping off their sheets and go to sleep.)

I appreciate normal life more than I ever though possible. What a blessing it is to have children to hug, a place to live and clean, the ability to walk and live, no contractions, standing up for long periods of time.

As much as I use to relish my time on the world wide web, I've hardly spent any time on the computer at all. (Unless it is to look up side effects or WebMD's when to go the the hospital info- good times.) I am much too interested in watching the baby rabbit out the window or wishing very terrible awful things upon a certain hound dog that lives behind me and has a serious barking problem and being envious of all the mommy walkers and strollers parading by my house. kiddinggggg..ish.

Andddd in case you are getting some sort of false drift that I am taking all of this bedrestness beautifully, my husband just walked in the room to ask me if I was still crazy. And of course I am. Common side effects of 4 weeks of false laboring and crazy contracting. pleasebeoversoonandthanks. 

If you are still reading....clean some dishes for me at your house or let your kids jump on you. And please remind me of this post in like 6 weeks when all will be ca-razy at this house. Also, if someone asks you if you want to take steroids for fun or for a clinical trial while pregnant...ummm say no.

Andddd pray for me that I remember that this too shall pass. right?

Apr 22, 2012

Little Thing

A few weeks ago I had a doctor appointment and was told that I was "measuring small." Normally when in this state of daily uncomfortable growth, I could be convinced that might not be such a bad thing. However, I was a stitch nervous for the extra ultrasound they scheduled to make sure baby was growing well.

And Monday we learned that most of her is growing quite well. But. Her little tummy is measuring small. Just her tummy went from 70% at her last ultrasound to an off the charts negative 2%.

Andddd because who doesn't love reading about bowels, I will also let you know allll about my own. They are a little sucky. And they have been giving me some problems for a while. Currently categorized as Ulcerative Colitis. Which in case you don't spend your free time researching interesting colon diseases because I did not, is a disease which many have on and off for their lives and each person pretty much fares differently.  It is the sister disease to Crohn's, which you probably have heard of.

If you start out a pregnancy in remission, you have like a 70-80% chance of staying that way throughout and should have a relatively problem free pregnancy.

If you start out your pregnancy mid-flare, my doctor said about a third get worse, a third get better, and a third stay the same. And for those who get worse, the baby is more prone to small for gestational age babes and preterm labor and then there is the whole meds on pregnancy business too. That combination of the small baby plus the preterm labor is what has my doctors worried.

I had major symptoms during Davy's pregnancy, which my doctor attributed to probably other disgusting things you don't want to hear about.

During Gianna's pregnancy which started out in flare style as well, I finally was privileged to be scoped with at with a tiny camera traveling Miss Frizzle Magic School Bus Style through my innards. It was amazing. And they decided after seeing the bottom part of my colon, that I have UC.

And yessss I have read(ish) some diet books on how to heal myself and even tried some of those awesome brothy meaty diets at home (I'm looking at you GAPS diet). And I've figured out in the past 3 years or so that I am crazy sensitive to alcohol and milk products. In other words, no more fun ever. ever. again. Please please for the love of all that is good, do not ask me about "healing myself through food" at this present time. I may have a panic attack.

Fast forward to this second, and I am in pain. On my couch. Having some pretty not fun abdominal pain plus some contractions and just started steroids this week, bringing my total UC daily medication count up to 8 and I have the alarm system to prove it.

I have been honestly hardly moving because my contractions come with a vengeance when I resume my normal activities. And thank thank thankfully I have had some beautiful people come help me, bring me dinner, take my children. You are all the

Basically, if you are the praying sort... Please pray for my little baby Cosette Regina, that the steroids help her mommy's tummy settle down and hers to grow. Andddd that she will hang out as long as possible.

I go to the doctor tomorrow and then in a week they will check her tummy measurement. If it hasn't grown, she will have to be introduced outside the womb muy muy early. 33 weeks for the number lover. 

And one of the meanings of Cosette is "Little Thing." I realized it the other day and shed a little tear.

Probably not the most exciting way to do a name reveal, but now you can pray for her by name :). 

Apr 16, 2012

A New Name for Davy

"Mom, why did you name me Davy?"

I knew this day would come and I felt like I was prepared, but trying to explain some adult concepts to a 3 year old is a little daunting.

"Ummmm. Well, we named you after a woman named Davy. She was...."and then I went on and on and on and on.

Davy just looked up at me indifferent and partially confused.

"I wanted my name to be Little Foot."

Apr 10, 2012

Davy-isms And Gianna-isms

She uses violent language 
Mother: Let me clarify that for you....
Davy: If you say that again, I will clarify you.

She lies about her age. 
Anyone: How old are you Davy?
Davy: Four
Mother: You're three.
Davy: No. I'm four.
Mother: You'll be four soon Davy. You're still three.
Davy: annoyed. Mo-om. I'm just kidding.
Or lying.

She dabbles in religion and politics
Davy: Mom. I love you more than Jesus.
Mother: [hmmmm ?]

Mother: Davy who is our president.
Davy: Jesus.

Mother: Davy, I need you to make good choices ok. And dumping water all over the bathroom floor is not  a good choice ok?
Davy: But mom. Ummm sometimes 3 year olds do things and they like don't really understand what they are doing.
Dad: She's out-smarting us, we need change tactics and fast.

Davy: Mom. Why did you name me Davy?
Mother: Because Davy was a really special woman from your Mommy and Daddy's favorite book.
Davy: Oh. Because I wanted you to name me "Little Foot."

Davy: [While lost in Kentucky with Mommy for 90 minutes and I pulled into a gas station...] What is freaking going on?!

Davy: Mom. The Easter bunny like isn't real. A bunch of different people dress up in costumes of bunnies. Andddd he can be dark or light.

Davy: Mom you know what I did to Gianna's birthday card from Marissa? I kinda took all the stickers off it and put them on my clothes.

And for good measure some Gianna-isms.

Gianna: Dis is too 'picy'
Mother: Gianna that is water.
Gianna: Oh.

Gianna: No! My turn!! (As she insists to repeatedly walk up any stair situation unassisted and with no hands.)

Gianna: I want undies!
Mother: Then you have to go pee-pee in the potty.
Gianna: I want diaper.

Gianna: I did it!

Mother: What is your name?
Gianna: "Da-wella" (Cinderella)

Gianna: I wanta play your hair. I wanta go ni-night you.

Gianna's doctor: Well. Looks like she wins the award so far for 2012. [As he checks out Gianna's impressive collection of scrapes and bruises.]

Proud Mom moment.

Apr 7, 2012

An Eggcellent Easter

It's that time of year again. Gianna grew up and became a toddler of two years 2 days ago (!) Jesus rising from the dead. Seed planting time. And Egg time.

Feel free to amuse yourself with these photos of the utter excitement that comes with turning normalish hormone injected white eggs into an even less appetizing artificially dyed eggs.

Why is it so fun? I could hardly even contain myself over here.

Sometimes you need to get on the table to get a job done. 

Count 'em. 

Anddddd all children and eggs are perfectly accounted for.

omygoodness we are so excited. 

Disappointment that the inside is still white. 

Can't wait for tomorrow and its multiple Easter egg hunts. 

Mar 25, 2012


In case you were wondering. We. Are. Alive.

And well.

But it was not always so.

We have had some computer injuries to nurse...via the two short people around here. Something about a macbook's head falling off or something.

Also sickness and pregnancy woes and subaru sadness have driven me to silence. And we said goodbye to a beloved Grandma Betty.

And I haven't realllllly been quiet,  just complaining in person to everyone within earshot.

Thanks Mr. Favorite (he said it's a real name)  at Computer DNA for making all things right in the world again in internetland. And for giving my daughters jolly ranchers which they promptly gooed all over your windows, chairs, and giant X on the wall. I did try to warn of their destructive natures with the story of my computer injury, but whatev.

It feels good to be back unleashing my motherhood news on the world wide webisphere. again.

Talk to you soon while using my new same old and improved computer. 

Feb 27, 2012

How to be a Good Wife

1. Have dinner ready every night upon his return or a fast food plan and a smile.
2. House immaculate orrrrr when he pulls in the drive way run around like a chicken with your head cut off for a good 15-30 seconds.
3. Clean some clothes or have a few options of clean socks for the next day.
4. Take a shower or put on a hat.
5. Be a nice nurse when he is sick, even though you just had the same illness whilst growing a baby and taking care of two other sickos or just don't. I won't judge.
6. Stay cool when he falls asleep during scheduled finance meeting.

Like riiiight now.
7. Pack his lunch box for work. Do not put it in a cereal box cut to look like a happy meal. That is a really bad ugly idea and it could cost him his job and public ridicule. Don't ask me how I know.
8. Make him breakfast or make him eat breakfast. It's important. Coffee is not a meal.
9. Tell him what a great guy he is. often and smile when you do it. You can't go wrong with this one.
10. Do not take pictures of him sleeping and plaster them all over the internet. Grow up. If you do that you are putting yourself in serious danger of negating #1-#9.

Missed you little bloggie. The silver lining on a rain cloud of failed finance meetings. Sorry Dave Ramsey. Thanks for keeping my laptop from giving me 3rd degree burns and for attending the meeting.

I hope you all have a fab night.  

Anddd just in case you missed the "New Baby" Single. Fret not. There are more videos where that came from.

Feb 19, 2012

New Single from a New Artist about a New Baby

This is what happened. I was actually vainly and awkwardly taking a picture of myself to see if I could figure out what the annual hair cut possibilities were. She jumped in front of me and started singing some made up song about the child in my womb.

Feb 4, 2012

When Your Kid Says the F Word

We were all sitting down at dinner a few nights ago, looking at each other, eating, smiling. All was well. Gianna was talking about something no one could understand, Christopher and I were making light chit chat about our darling children and Davy was giving us the inside view of a day at preschool.

"Mom. And. Dad. Jack is so funny"

Awww. Really? Why Davy?

She paused and looked up as she was obviously in deep thought.

"Because......he said FUUUUUUUUDGEEEEEE." Except with less of the "djjjj" sound and more of the "k" sound.

Christopher and I looked at each other with sheer panic and dropped jaws. I desperately tried to hold it together with my eyes to communicate that he must rescue the situation without encouraging her to repeat the profanity by laughing and making sure she never never ever says it again and surely does not think it is appropriate for light dinner humor.

Then I dove into the dark recesses of my mind and unearthed some enormous mother of all guilt for sending my baby 3 year old to preschool where she is learning the freaking F word. I threw her to the wolves. I suck. What will become of her now. Doomed. Doooooomed.

Then everything took a crazy turn.

Davy was still speaking. She didn't hear our internal horror or notice our appalled faces. And ironically with wolves already on my racing mind, I hear her little who-ville voice.

"ummmmm...he said that FO-XXXXES are the same as wolves. Isn't that hilarious?" It was that tricksy plural fox.

At first I started laughing nervously...because I couldn't believe we got out so easy. Then Christopher joined in and our laughter got louder and scarier and Davy started laughing, followed by little clueless Gianna. It was a little creepy but much better than what could have happened.

Thanks Jack for thinking foxes and wolves are the same thing and for not teaching Davy the F word quite yet.

Jan 30, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

And what a surprise it was. 
And boy was I surprised when I saw what my husband told the baker to put on the cake. 

Some of the people at the part-ay who were not camera shy in their pink and blue hues.
 pink and blue food.

Healthy party drinks.

Pregnant with third baby friendsies.

I don't know.


 Makeshift theater for small children and my bed.

He insisted we both cut simultaneously.

Anddddddd. Team pink wins! Yay for three little girls. I can't wait to put them all in a row with very large bows in their hair.

Jan 27, 2012

Tomorrow's Sex Surprise

Tomorrow... or actually today in like 18 hours we are finding out the sex of little baby C.

I. cannot. wait.

I feel like it's Christmas and I'm 4 years old.

We are having one of those sex surprise party things. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday and asked our technician to write down the sex on a little piece of paper and put another piece of paper over it and put it in a sealed envelope. She said it was very "clear." Take that to mean what you will.

We sent it to a baker and not to worry this is not mardi gras or bachelorette party themed and we aren't hiding any private parts in the cake. No matter what my husband may have told anyone who had him on speaker phone in the car with small curious children.

Tomorrow we will just cut a cake and on the inside will be pink or blue.

I will keep you posted. And I will try to remember to take pictures.

And if you waaaaant to comment a guess, I will mail you a piece of cake. plus it will be just like you are here tomorrow for the par-tay.

Jan 24, 2012

How to Stop Kids from Fighting

Lest you think I have forgotten about any beautiful people who read this blog. I did not. I actually wrote three posts in the last three weeks aptly titled; Complain Train, Awkward, and Embarrassing. I didn't publish them because they were horrible, I fell asleep, I suck. I was saving myself for this post and researching what works in our home when little children fight. See? Aren't you glad I didn't post those?

Any. way.

Back to important things like How to Stop Kids From Fighting. The way I play this game is with some little gems I remember screamed at gently whispered to me as a child, some of my own spastic explosions, and some things that are probably in line with the current child psychology trends. Some work. Some do not, but they feel so right.

In our home the fighting could be over toys or kitchen utensils or my personal prized possessions (the two pieces of jewelery I have left that they have not broken).

1. "DAVY! (Insert your older child's name here) Give it back to Gianna (younger child). She is so little." <---notice the focusing on Gianna's meekness. This only works for so long. Soon Gianna will gain the strength and fortitude to fight back. You might be creating a monster. A monster that gets whatever she wants because she is shorter.

2. If you guys can't play nice...I'm taking away this kitchen timer from both of you. <-----Usually this is followed by double intense screaming and crying with one child trying to outdo the other in volume and duration. It does end. But is it worth it if you lost the hearing in your left ear for 10 minutes? Maybe you should have just done eenie meenie minie moe catch a tiger by his toe.... At least only one person would have been screaming.

3. Do basically nothing. Nonchalantly yell the words "Share girls" from your favorite comfy spot on the couch with a snuggy or blanket.  <-----This almost always ends with a large thump and crying. Was your lack of parenting worth it? That depends what the thump was.

"Do not even look at the stuff from my stocking Davy."
4. Encourage the children in a civilized manner to "Use their words." Just like my friend Anne. She is a pro at at. Communication is the best way to get anything resolved <-----This is true. The only glitch I have noticed is that Gianna and communication are still treading on rocky soil. Gianna does understand two things, grab it and run like the dickens. And this usually works for her. Sometimes she finishes off the whole thing with a quick dodge into a curtain or a closet to hide with her booty.

5. Positive reverse psychology. "You GUYS are soooo nice to each other. I really like the way you SHAAAARE that tea cup." <-----Sometimes this works. Sometimes they look at me like I am an idiot.

6. Distraction. "Oh My Goodness, foul behaving children! I see the Garbage Truck coming!" <----can also work well if they are lacking sleep or just general intellect.

7." Everything is MINE!!! I OWN EVERYTHING IN THIS HOUSE!" Now this is a good example of when the parent screams as a last ditch effort to frighten children from fighting. <----***Anything. Anything and everything you say, CAN and WILL be used against you, screamed back at you, in probably a few minutes. Use this with extreme caution and if you like screaming and hearing screaming.

I hope this helps. When all else fails, just yell "Cookie!" Even if they kids don't hear you, go have yourself one.

Jan 3, 2012

Random Sounds of Our Home and Beyond

While feeding Davy very delicious Italian food at nearby locale, which was much more delicious than anything we have been eating lately over here, she said over and over,

"Mom and Dad, I am NEVER going to run out of love in my heart for you. I won't ever run out." Good food does that.

Davy and Gianna's very favorite new game is called screaming as loud as you can in unison until bursting into hysterics. It usually goes down when a parental unit is nauseous or has a splitting headache or is lost and late to a dinner date.  It sounds a little like this.

"AHHHHHH!!!" + nails on a chalk board and knives cutting china plates.

And here is a common Davy sound after she has left her bed and her room for the one millionth time of the night for no good reason. She usually comes up with something like this.

"Mom. I was just coming out here to tell you I love you and give you another goodnight kiss." sure kid. And of course I'll take the kiss. I'm sure this won't last forever, right?

Gianna: Wake up Call from the Crib

MOMMMAAAAA!...... a few minutes pass maybe....... DADDDDDDAAAAA!.......a few more minutes of trying the same old same old. POOOOPOOOO!  that last call usually gets adults moving. (sorry if if you weren't expecting potty talk. expect it.)

And usually I don't say much around here. Just trying to quietly lead my family through my actions  humbly and obediently. I'm sure you get that same gist if you happen to read this blog.  But sometimes I say a few words here and there....And most frequented words of the holiday award goes to....

Take. Baby. Jesus. Out. Of. Your. Mouth. and also, Stop running with Baby Jesus in your mouth. Not to be outdone by, "Please give one of those Jesus babies to your sister."

afraid of the oats and beans and barley
And in case you missed it. Christopher the wonderful father of 2 3, likes to "lay the smack down" when kids won't go to bed, by bursting in and singing (and probably doing a little jig,)

"OATS AND BEANS AND BARLEY GROW x2.... DO YOU OR I OR ANYONE KNOW HOW OATS AND BEANS AND BARELY GROW?"  (Raffi style with no peas, I found out after some really important research.) ---that is for you Natasha. The weirdest part about the song is that it really works like a charm. It really does lay the smack down. Who knew?

And muchas gracias for the shout out Shelia!

I hope you are all staying warm and snug in your snuggies and Uggs. Also. Tonight there is a meteor shower. I just thought you should know, if you like seeing 100 meteorites in an hour and don't value middle of the night sleep.

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