Dec 22, 2010

D is for Dad

Dads. Little girls need their Daddies. And there are statistics to prove it. They need good daddies. Lucky for me, I have a great dad.

I have this book called Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters that I bought Christoper to read. I highly recommend it. I ended up reading it and I realized how much I have taken my dad for granted.

Dads sometimes miss out on all the glory that moms get. They are in the background, often making the big bucks and bringing home the bacon. Supporting the family. I was particularly blessed because my dad always had an office out of our home. He was home a lot. We had meals as a family, he went to all my soccer games and coached my basketball team (even though I told him to shut up one time on the court--eeek so sorry), he has been such a humble good example to me. It was the little things that made such a big difference and gave me the security to grow into the woman I am today. Love you Dad.

So I have often read that girls look for someone like their dad to marry. (Gross.) I certainly was not thinking for one second that I wanted to marry a clone version of "my dad." We found a picture of my dad when he was around Christopher's age and the resemblance was uncanny. Same hair. And since I've been alive my dad's hair has been straight. Weird. So I at least married someone looks like my dad.

I wasn't sure how Christopher was going to handle fatherhood. Not that I thought he would do a bad job. I just couldn't picture him as a dad. He didn't spend the majority of his life with sisters at home. There was a lot of boy activity going on at his house. Although he's always been close to his sister Marisa she's lived away for most of his life.

And to date, he has two little daughters and he is an amazing dad. As soon as he gets home from work every day, Davy is incredibly excited to see him. "Daddy!!!" She immediately stops whatever she is doing and runs toward the door, leaps into his arms for hugs and kisses him on the cheek. Every. Day. And he is just as excited to see her and Gianna. Gianna also is such a Daddy's girl. Her first word was "Dada" and throughout the day sometimes she crawls around saying his name looking for him.

I hope Davy and Gianna look for someone like their dad without realizing it, like I did.  


  1. Thanks Maureen.
    Francisco Carrizo, that last shot is for you.

  2. So sweet. I ended up without someone like my dad too, without realizing it :)

  3. @Christopher ;)
    @CA I'm glad you can relate. It's probably best when you don't realize it right away.


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