Dec 31, 2010

20 Easy New Years Resolution Ideas

Here's to 2011 being as great as 2010...

  1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, only have one other liquid drink per day.
  2. Learn something new. A beautiful language like Italian, vocab word a day, how to sew... things like that.
  3. Do something fun. Fly a  kite. Paint a chair, feed a giraffe, buy a bird feeder. 
  4. Do a random act of kindness every week
  5. Develop a skill that you already have
  6. Cook one new meal a month
  7. Plan a weekend getaway. Or plan a weekend stay-cation
  8. Organize your files. Buy yourself some fantastic filing system.
  9. Dust under furniture. Imagine what you'll find!
  10. Read a book to help you grow into the person you wish you were. (Or 2 or 3...however many it takes to get the job done.)
  11. Grow some type of food. A Garden or basil in a pot is fun. Pot in a pot does not count.
  12. Keep a journal.
  13. Write a letter to a friend you lost touch with.
  14. Get a head start on those Christmas cards…especially if you have never sent any out ever. Ever.
  15. Get an amazing new hairstyle
  16. Loose [your favorite number] lbs.
  17. Go on vacation again.
  18. Fill up 2 garbage bags of stuff to donate from your home…Maybe everyday for 2 weeks. 
  19.  Volunteering is sexy. Soup kitchens, nursing homes, big sister and big brother programs, free babysitting for moms...
  20.  Run or walk a race 


  1. 21. Have a baby :)
    22. Do at least 1 (meaningful) craft a week with my kiddos.
    23. Discover the floor in my craft room.
    24. Have Lenten Soup Fridays again.
    25. Start a moms' Rosary group?

  2. nice ones Sarah :) I especially like the have a baby one.

  3. Great ideas! Are you pregnant now? :)


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