Dec 20, 2010

F is for Fashion

My earliest fashion memory was in 2nd grade in the bathroom at St. Joseph Catholic School in Enfield, Connecticut. It was the same bathroom where I sounded out another F word in the stall. I repeated it to myself loudly while some junior high girls laughed hysterically and kept asking me what it said. So I kept telling them. I digress. Anyway I remember I was wearing my black choker with a silver peace sign talking to my friends Shawna and Tasia. "Hey, you know those boots every girl has been dying to get? My grandma bought me them."
Found them.

First of all. What a brat. Second of all. What 2nd grader is dying to get a pair of black ankle boots? One that watched a lot of Saved by the Bell. That's what 2nd grader.

Davy watches some youtube videos of singing vegetables and lately all things princess. These "so called" princess are doing to her just what Saved by the Bell did to me. She wants to be a princess and dress like they do. Every. Single. Day.

barelegged tutu girl
the sock changer
When it's time to get dressed. She begs me to let her wear a princess dress. And we don't have any princess dresses around here. So generally I try to convince her that what I want her to wear is indeed a princess dress. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes not so much. Or she goes the tutu route. It's cute but she likes it barelegged. [see above picture]

After the princess dressing, she changes her shoes and her socks numerous times throughout the day. Whenever she walks by her closet, it's like she can't resist.

Stolen Jewelry+classy Great Grandma
Then of course we have the jewelery. Unfortunately Davy is lacking in the jewelery scene, but she knows a good place to find some. My jewelery box. It's jam packed with tons of things for her to get her grubby little fingers on. So she does. Almost daily.

With a step stool and a mission she has access to most anything she can dream of in our home.

Some days she is all about the floral print. She wants flower shirts and socks and pants. And when you put those all together. It equals a horror scene from Willy Wonka's Factory.

"Please don't arrest me Oompa Loompa fashion police."


  1. I LOVE this post and most of all I love the picture you got of the girls playing together...! It turned out perfectly.

  2. Okay, I LMAOed at the last bit, esp. when accompanied with the photo & brilliant caption, mostly because she's such a girl version of Noah. =) Two-year-olds are so exasperatingly hilarious!

  3. @Joanna and Ben the girls are so precious. After the holidays we need to get them all together again!
    @cbeliso hahah I wish I could see Noah! They are exasperatingly hilarious. perfect description.


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