Dec 21, 2012

It's Not the End of the World if you Take a Blog Sabbatical

Hey blog friends,

You were worried, I'm sure. It has been about 3 months
since we checked in to say we are

still at it. Living and surviving, that is. And if your husband asks you what you do all day, don't mention that. "Forming young beautiful souls" would be a better choice. Don't ask me how I know.

My sicky sick colon has been in its most ill form to date just in time for Christmas. But this is going to be a spectacular navidad for sure. Daddy is taking legit time off, mommy is going to catch up on some late saint doll painting, and the children will continue to play peacefully and tidily, no doubt.

My house is just over 1k square feet. In most places in the world I realize this is a luxury. Howeva. Lately I have been feeling a stitch claustrophobic and where can we fit all the stuff we have and continue to accumulate. Cue new pantry in the kitchen for moi. Almost done. Happiest day. And a new ginormous sink that will not at all look awkward with out 4 square feet of countertop. Can't wait to bathe all three girls in the sink.

My girls are amazing. Maybe it's the 2/3 of them sleeping talking, but they really mostly make me want to be a better person and paint rainbows all day and bake cookies and run away alone from my house with no shoes on, all rolled into one little life.

K gotta play "activity" aka nativity with Davy.
Peace in the east. Also, I was so happy the world didn't end today so that I could say hey to you blog friends. Hope your day was swell.

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