Dec 3, 2010

W is for Water

Water Daughter

Mmmm water. As babies our bodies' are made up of over 70% of it. It keeps our skin supple, our brain alert, and rids our body of nasty toxins. People all over the world are literally dying in need of it.

It's all water weight baby. <3
Gettin' their drink on.
And here at our house, we waste it by the gallons. We pour it down the drain for our entertainment. Geez, the more I type, the more I realize it needs to stop. I could take shorter showers, do full loads of laundry and only run the dishwasher full, install nifty toilet flushing devices. Things like that.

And here she is! Lover of Water.

My husband and I aren't the largest wasters though. The largest waster is shorter than a yard stick and uses chairs and stools to access this resource. She loves it. She cries for it.
Washing her hair with Dawn and making a bubble castle.
Here are some ways she plays with it:

1. Washes her hair, her hands, her stuffed animals in the kitchen sink assisted by a kitchen chair
2. Paints with toothbrushes in the bathroom sink and makes massive bubble extravaganzas.
3. Glasses of water adults are were drinking. She generally sticks her hands in them just for fun. disgusting. A few days ago I found my credit card in a glass of water by my bed. lovely.
Making hummus carrot soup.
4. the toilet-Brushing her teeth in the toilet with the potty water. I almost threw up on this one. I heard slurping while I was changing Gianna's diaper a few weeks ago and nearly passed out at the horrible sight that met me in the bathroom. Also just throwing things in toilet. Like money. Sorry Davy no wishes in this fountain.
5. the bathtub-Oh geez. The amount of things I find in the bathtub...sippy cups, soggy minnie mouse, baby Jesus, misc. toys. Davy tries to climb in her self with her clothes on.
6. The dishwasher. When she is lucky, some glasses have that bit of extra water in their tops. jackpot.
Washing her hands for 30 minutes
cleaning Daddy's bike.
giving my towels and eye glasses a bath.
7. The refrigerator door. grrrrr. Easiest way for her to fill up anything in the home with water.
8. Her kitchen sink in her room has been filled more times than I would like to admit. For some reason, it is usually for special occasions when friends are over. She likes to impress her toddler pals with her dishwashing skills.
playing in the fountains downtown with Daddy.
8. Water outside. In puddles, in buckets, falling from the sky, she doesn't discriminate.

Good News! Davy is almost never thirsty. She drinks and plays in water all day and is highly hydrated. And therefore so is her mommy. K gotta go get my drink on. Water people. Happy Friday!


  1. This was awesome. Davy is a whoot! Get her in my life. What personality she has! Ps. That bathroom sink is GORGEOUS.

  2. So cute! Get her in swim classes ASAP! (Ps, I wanted to comment on your sink too... Gorgeous!)

  3. Come to Cincinnati guys! It's pretty awesome here. ;) I'll let you play with Davy in the sink. :) I got that vanity before we moved into our house because I was in love with it. Then it lived in our living room incognito for a year until it helped transform our gas station bathroom into something a little more beautiful. ;)I'm glad you guys like it.


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