Dec 9, 2010

Q is for Question

Q & A with Davy (age 2 1/2). A tiny glimpse into her scattered mind.
*These are her real answers. Nothing has been added or changed.  

Momma-What is your favorite color?

Momma-What is your favorite game to play?
Davy-"Play tea party."

Momma-Favorite thing to wear?
 D-"Clothes. Pink. And Elmo clothes.

Momma-Favorite movie?  
D-"Snow White.  I'm a baby!"[She crawls away]

Momma-Can you please come back here? I need to ask you some more questions. 
Davy-"I'm just getting my toy! Can you make this pig noise so it can sing? Can I color?"

Momma-What do you like to do with Daddy?
Davy-"Play tea party."

Momma-What did you get Gianna for Christmas?
Davy-"A tutu." [total lie.]

Momma-Did you take a nap today?
Davy-"Yeah. I didn't go in my room. [true. She slept on the couch. She begins a song] Baaaabaa Rannnnn, take my haaaaand.  Went to a dance lookin' for a strong man...." (The Beach Boys, Barbara Ann)

Momma-[noticing a strategically placed cup of water.] What is that sippy cup doing in the Christmas tree?! 
Davy-"I put it there."

Davy-"Because. It's an ornament."

Momma-Moving on, what did we cook today?  
Davy-"Bread. And we put cereal in it.....[Pats me on the head] You're my favorite girl I ever seen. [Touches my shirt] There's a lot of buttons your shirt!"
"There's a lot of buttons on your face and you are very comfy. [begins marching] Did you color her eyes? [points to a piece of paper with a drawing on it] I have a nice person named Abby. She's a very big person. You are a nice woman. Can I have my babydoll?"

Momma-What babydoll? Why are princesses beautiful?
Davy-"No. ummmmm yes. No. They are kinda scary." [growls and crawls away]

Momma-So, I guess we're done here?
Davy-[No answer]


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