Dec 4, 2010

V is for Vacation

Top 10 reasons Santa should give me and all hard-working or hardly working people a vacation.

10. I tried to take a picture with our land line phone today.

9.  I cannot remember the last time I slept through the night.

8. I'm sick of doing dishes and dirty diapers.
Ok, just kidding, she never has dirty diapers. She's way tutu cute.
7. I could have made several trips to Europe with the money we spent on home repairs this year. 

6. My employers don't allow for personal days.

5. It's cold here.
My partner in crime and I.
4. I'm young and I feel like causing trouble. 

3. I found some gray hairs on my head.
Usually not part of a happy vacation. :( poor baby
2. The closest thing I've had to a vacation lately was a three day visit to the hospital with my baby.

1. I called my friend's husband her dad tonight. (Sorry Emily and Patrick.)

Why do you deserve a vacation? Best answer gets to choose what I write for the letter U.


  1. I deserve a vaca bc I just beat Angry Birds level 3 while you wrote this post - and utters is my word of choice, haha

  2. I need a real vacation because right now I consider going to the bathroom by myself a vacation:) I pick U for useful.

  3. I need a vacation because I tried opening my front door by clicking my car key. U is for underwear :)

  4. I need a vacation because working 16 hours a week and going to school 40 hours a week while 7 months pregnant in a house that is being completely reorganized in freezing Minnesota is exhausting! And Chris, my husband became obsessed with angry birds and has now completed it. It's addicting! For U I pick, wait...unicorn!

  5. I need a vacation because my house is made of toxic poison. U is for undo. (Brad wants it to be for ululation so you pick.)

  6. I need a vacation because I just found poop on my forearm. and I haven't changed a diaper in hours.

  7. You guys are all hilarious and deserve vacations for sure! I'm going to submit all these to a unbiased control group..aka: chad and sarah fuerbacher to decide. @michelle, I can't stop laughing about your poop arm...<3 to you all and I think I will include all of your "u" words throughout the blog regardless of the winner. If you still want a shot, you have 30 minutes...

  8. The judges chose @Michelle! Congrats! I hope you got that poop off your arm. What word do you want for the letter 'u'? If you get this let me know soon.


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