Jan 24, 2011

Naked Without Shame

Thankfully my chiquita isn't one of those kids that runs around naked at home all the time. I've heard of parents who basically wrestle clothes on their children every time they leave their house, meanwhile at home they terrorize like naked savages from Lord of the Flies.

After potty training however Davy did get a little more comfortable basking in the buff.  She went pantless here and there, which is extremely helpful when you are still trying to get a hold on Mother Nature and all she showers and splatters upon my floors.

Anyway, last night we went to my favorite place for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa 'Tor-jit' for some sushi and fun. And boy was it. Daddy was on the ball tonight. After getting practice the previous night out taking Davy to the restroom, he was basically a pro potty ass-istant tonight.

So Davy said the magical words, "Daddy! I gotta go pee-pee." Then off they ran to the orange and purple bathroom. This time it was a one person locked door type, not like the urinal men's restroom they ran into the previous night before I could intercept.

A few minutes later they re-entered the main dining area, but Daddy looked concerned. He found the nearest adorable Japanese waitress and based on what I could gather from his hand motions and some limited lip reading...they clogged the toilet. Awesome. She understood and nodded.

Then the waitress' eyes quickly darted beyond my husband to a small blonde pig-tailed girl, our chiquita. She was lifting up her tiny dress. Daddy turned to see why the waitress looked so alarmed. My chop sticks dropped my avocado and tuna roll midway to my mouth. Davy was doing the no pants dance with her princess panties around her ankles. She flashed the entire restaurant.

I've never laughed so hard during a serious sushi eating session.

Daddy of the year? Oh yes.


  1. Hey, we're Lord of the Flies around here, Baby! Well, not all of us...just the little ones. Some of it's mommy tired of ANOTHER change of clothes for the potty training one...and some of it is the older one (who can take her own clothes off) who has a love for all things au naturale! Good news is, now...I can usually convince her to put on a dress up...as long as she can do it "with no real clothes underneith" :)

    And at least you only *drooped* your sushi roll..rather than having rice come out your nose :)

  2. Oh my gosh!! Great writing Maureen... I felt like I was there! hahahaha

  3. Oh yea, and this is CA, just forgot to sign out of Rocky's account haha :)

  4. hahaha! YES!! This is the best! You make our crazy life feel a little more normal!! You guys are the best!


  5. @Sarah it does work sooo much better with potty training sans clothing. I'm pretty happy I didn't waste any naked fish at the sight of my naked child. mmmm sushi.
    @CA via @Rocky thanks, Daddy of the year edited my post before I posted some horrific grammatical errors. ;)
    @Laura what is normal anyway? I say we are both normal. Oh stop, YOU GUYS are the best.


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