Dec 17, 2010

I is for Imagination

Delicious snowman food
When I was in college there was this girl that used to walk around apparently living in another world along side the rest of us. She sang to herself and was always smiling and looking off into the distance. I used to see her frolicking among the blossoming trees in the spring. She was in la la land. And it looked fun, but I never had a conversation with that girl because she was in her own world.

It's a little like that at our house sometimes. Davy's imagination takes over and I cannot reach the child. I can handle tea parties with snowmen, flamingos, elmo, and babies. Making dinner for Gianna and her in her play kitchen. But lately she's gone too far for my liking.

She tells me she can't get off the kitchen chair because she is taking care of her infant spoon. She nurses it back to health by giving it a bath with a cup or water on the table. She can't get shoes on because she is playing house with some kitchen cups that have turned into her sisters.

And it's not like she doesn't have tons of toys that would serve her purposes fine. She just likes to play with other things and I have no idea what she's turned them into.

Sometimes you gotta draw the line though. Like when she tries to play with a full can of beer she got out of the refrigerator and pretends it's Daddy.

Cute oven mitts Davy. Wait, are those our Christmas stockings?
[As she attempts to get refrigerator water for the Daddy beer.] "Daddy's going up the waterfall because he wants to get in the water and go swimming."

"Davy give mommy that beer can right now."

Spaceship journey with Elmo
The only way I can reach her is if I temporarily join her world and can creatively convince her to stop her reckless behavior. "Daddy can't go swimming, he needs to go back to sleep in his bed (the refrigerator)."

Recently we were at our church coming back from Communion and she screams in the solemn silence as she tries to fling herself out of Daddy's arms.


Many times I've tried to reason with her. I just tell her she is wrong.

Those are not children, they are spoons!
That's not your dad it's a beer can!
Those are not your sisters, they are plastic cups!
You are not a dinosaur, you are a very wild 2 year old human.

It doesn't work. She continues to live in her other world. And she often gets nasty in her little world.
So what I should of said was-"The dinosaur mud is in the lobby Dino Davy." [It's incidentally where all other wild toddlers are as well.]


  1. HAHA! Maureen, I love that little nutcase of yours! :)

  2. I completely forgot about that girl in college!!

  3. @ CA Thanks! I love her too.
    @ Carly I know! I wonder where she is today...


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