Dec 11, 2010

O is for Odor

Did you know that you have a special odor? Well you might be like me and have one and not even know it.
smelly people
Last Sunday, St. Nicholas was riding on a horse drawn carriage through our neighborhood and since we weren't paying attention to the recent mailings letting us know the exact details, we chased him. Literally. We drove around until we found the parade of horses and singing people and people playing intstuments and the big man himself. Then Davy and I got out and chased them on foot.

Anyway I lost my supermom cape somehow in the chaos. AKA: my nursing cover. If you don't know what it is, it looks like a cape that you wear on the front to cover your goods. Anyway I didn't even know I lost it until a little phone call today. Our friends Ben and Joanna were on a walk about a mile from our house and saw a balled up piece of fabric that resembled something familiar. Joanna thought it might be my nursing cover so they tried to call. I didn't pick up. So Joanna did what any mom who has lost her sense of proper sanitation protocol does, she picked it up and smelled it. And then she knew. She knew it was mine because it smelled like me.

Smelled like me. Isn't that lovely. I have smell. After 6 freaking days in the snow and rain, it still hadn't lost it's me stench. awesome.

I remember as a child that certain families had smells. Not necessarily bad or good, just their family's special gift to all that enter their home and leave with anything from their home.

My dear husband thinks it's hilarious and keeps reminding me that I have a unique
"musk" (apparently he doesn't know that it's the smell that comes from the animal dear's back/ rectal area). Two become one honey. It's our smell now.


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