Nov 30, 2011

A is for Alphabet Countdown

Last year I did an Alphabet Christmas Countdown.

Because it was so much fun and I have been watching copious amounts of Sesame Street since last year in preparation, I have decided to bring it back, hopefully with some new posts...I will try not to copy and paste posts from last year.

Last year I started with Z and ended with A.

But this year, I cannot think of a Z word to work with so I will be thinking about it for the next 26 days I am going to change it up and start with A and end with Z.  If you have any good ideas for the tricky letters please send them my way.

Davy is super excited too.
See you every single day this Advent! I hope you are as excited as I am. Andddd I am doing my very very first Giveaway. You know what I'm talking about. It's what legit people do I think. Get Excited.

Here are links to the Alphabet Countdown from last year, in case you want to make sure I don't cheat.

And in case you were keeping track, the Stomach Bug has now infiltrated each member of our family's immune system.  We are dropping like flies over here. Gotta go. Someone just peed on my couch.


Anyway. I am going to link these posts on my facebook page my dear hubby made for me over year ago...And be a super hypocrite bc I swore off fbook a while back...

Nov 29, 2011

Conquering the Stomach Bug/Monster

I know you will wake up soon. And we will be ready.
This title is someone optimistic. No such beast has been defeated.But neither have we. And even though we have been attacked more times than I can count in the last 4 days, we will not surrender.

Tonight we are armed and ready for battle.

20 months olds smile immediately after throwing up apparently.
I thought this ridiculous thing was gone about 3 days ago, but it sneaked it's way back into our home with determination and vigor and took down 3 of us and left the fourth with chills and a fever.

Usually with small children and bile I resort to covering furniture near the child with towels or blankets or something I can wash.

But then at some point I get sick or lazy or run our of un-puked on coverings and stop. But not tonight. There are too many sick people and not enough energy and the laundry is all clean.  And the girls' room is covered in towels. There is a bucket with a plastic bag next to Davy's bed.  All excess blankets and stuffed animals have been thrown out of the line of fire. And outside the door we have our line of defense complete with paper towel, babywipes, sheets, diapers, plastic bags, disinfectant and carpet cleaner.

Come and get us. We are so ready.  Butttt if you feel like never returning again for all eternity, that would be fine too.

Nov 25, 2011

Morning Gold

Caught. We're takin' you in.
Davy: Dad, are you still the horse?

Dad: No I'm the booger police. And I'm writing you a ticket.  If you get three tickets you go to booger jail.

Davy:What if I use a tissue?

Wild times over here today and it's only 7:42AM. But we've all already been up for hours over here thanks to no naps yesterday and crazy early bedtimes.

Happy post-thanksgiving and friday buyday.


Nov 21, 2011

How to Feed Toddler with Almost No Effort

1. Leave food on the table from breakfast.
2. Remove clothes that were previous dirty from breakfast from child. (Less laundry to deal with for future meals and snacks.)
3. Busy yourself with whatever you see fit.
4. Worry not about the children's needs. After all, there is food available if they should seem to need it.
5. Scroll down if you are a visual learner.
6. Notice how happy she is in her independent state.

Oh hi there.

Hope you don't mind. I'm just going to help myself here to the breakfast remnants.

I can do this right. With a spoon. I'm civilized ok.

Geez. It's just so. freakin. good.

Seriously. Do you want some?

Mostly kidding. Get your own. grrr.

There really isn't enough to share here.

One sec.

Oh yea. That's the one.

My cup floweth over. Is this heaven?

It's not? It tastes like it is though.

I'll just keep my self busy with a little more here. Peace.

Nov 18, 2011

I Need Some Booze.

Not me really. Well not right now anyway.

So before you judge me, let me just say that these were the words of my 3 1/2 a half year old.

Maybe that didn't help with the judging.

I was eating something out of a package cooking in the kitchen last Friday and Davy walked up to me dressed head to toe in Snow White garb and said

"I need some BOOZE mom."

Uh, what the what honey? You need what?

"Maybe I can get them when I'm big?

I stared at her blankly.

I was/ usually am genuinely confused and tried to pretend she wasn't saying what now seems obvious.

Then she sealed it...

And she wasn't suggesting getting her drinky drink on.

"You know mom. They go right here.

(Points to her tiny little chest region.)

You know mom, they go here. They are kinda pointy, you know. Can I get some when I'm big?"

Where did you hear about those Davy?

"From Larry (name changed to protect the scandalous) at school."


No more princess outfits with well-endowed princesses printed right on them.

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