Aug 31, 2010

Survival Guide: From One to Two kids

As of today I have one very curious and defiant two year old and one very adorable and fiesty almost 5 month old.
Here's what you need to know:
1. You and errands outside the home with the youngins may have to take a hiatus depending on
A) how many times in one outing you want to hear "you have your hands full!" Or "you need a hand?"
B) how wild your cuties are.
* *this realization for me occurred after a few grocery store attempts with a screaming baby and runaway toddler, a toddler who, while buckled in, reaches back and opens food and chucks it back into the cart (yogurt, cartons, 3 packages of fruit leather with 24 loose pieces), and a toddler who has sticky fingers ( I found a few packs of lighters, lip gloss and candy in her little car attached to the cart that she tried to take home) this was of course accompanied by numerous offers of a helping hand and or the unnessary hands full comment. It's just not that nice.
2) get yourself items to contain the children if you do want to venture outside the home with the two in tow.
ie) double stroller, ergo baby carrier, sling, single stroller, leash (oh yeah, you know you want one) toddler straight jacket (not yet invented, but I am working on a patent) ok just kidding....or am I? ;)
3) go out without your kiddies. I know, you are attachment parenting and exclusively breastfeeding and your husband said he cannot handle both. (He is totally lying.) Just go for a quick walk for like 30 min. Or go to a coffee shop, or pray at a church, or go to a friends house, anything. This is for your health. And if you aren't healthy, who is going to take care of those sweeties?
4) talk to other mothers. Via mom's groups, blogs, family members, school, anything. So necessary. Vent.
5) find a friend who is one stage ahead of you and one behind you. Either has more kids or kids a little older so you can see what you have in store in the near future. Watch all their mistakes, don't follow them. Then watch everything great they do and copy it. Fortunately and unfortunately all the moms I know that are one step ahead of me are SUPER MOMS and they inspire me everyday. (Shout out to Di, Sarah, Kelley, Emily! You guys are amazing.) Andddd find a friend or keep a friend  :) who is one step behind you to keep you in touch with life outside your crazy home and to give her all your crazy advice and venting. (Shout out to Jamie...the official zoo Davy chaser. We <3 you.)
6) If you have a toddler, make them nap. Do whatever it takes. If they won't nap, make them have quiet time, every. single. day.
7) take pictures! They grow so fast.
8) don't be hard on yourself. If your kids are alive and loved and mostly happy and fed, then you are a rockstar! Way to go! Most children in the world are not so blessed.  You are not going to scar them for life.
9) hug your kids. Kiss your kids. Play with them. Read to them.When you get overwhelmed remember all that matters is that you take care of those sweeties. Most other stresses you have probably put on yourself unnecessarily.
10) go mom go! Moms. Are. The. Bomb. You deserve a little treat. That's what I think. (Chocolate, a martini, a date night, a mom's night out, a new book, a new song, more chocolate and another martini ect.)
Uh oh. Simultaneous nap awakening. Must run.


  1. Omg i loved this post very true and cute i love your blog...plz check out mine ive just started tho :)

  2. Yeah, the sling is a life saver....and letting the older one "be a grocery"....well, maybe once she's past the opening everything stage. Mine made a castle out of all the boxes in the cart last time...with air fresheners for the spires. Too bad I didn't have a camera.

    And sometimes I think the sling is as good as a toddler straight jacket....of course my little one is now the toddler and in need of confinement :)

    God Bless Free Samples!

    And you've gotta try the "What's Done" opposed to the "To Do" list. It's soooo gratifying!!!

  3. @Yaz thanks! And I will!

    @Sarah that is hilarious about the castle in the cart. I actually do write to do lists that are half done just so I can check most of it off. I will definitely try the what's done list...what a great idea!

  4. Love you and you are my mom friend that's one step ahead;)

  5. Joanna, you were my inspiration for this blog :) cannot wait to meet baby #2! <3 you

  6. I can 'totally' handle both cuties in case anyone was wondering.

  7. Maureen, this is hysterical and sobering at the same time! Thanks for the proper warning about what I'm getting into come December. Sure I'll be calling you for encouragement and to vent.

  8. I think you forgot to mention that you also need a friend who is one step BEHIND you to chase around your wild toddler around the zoo, shopping mall, grocery store, etc. to give you a little break! love your blogss!

  9. @LA so good to catch up and you can call anytime friend. :)
    @jamie aka anonymous (I think) are sooooo right. You help me go out in public and make it out alive with the babes. Also, you help me not become as much of a dorky mom who wears mom jeans and forgets to are the best. And EVERY mom needs a friend like you ;)


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