Dec 13, 2011

N is for Nativity/ Winner of Giveaway

We are a little Nativity crazy over here. I just put up four of them.

This may or may not explain why my kids play "baby Jesus" year round.

A few weeks ago I found a meat tenderizer tucked in my bed. I was, as you might have guessed, I little perplexed and alarmed at the situation.

Realizing that there was really only one answer to this riddle I asked little Miss Davy if she knew about the situation.

She looked at me like I was an idiot and with a blank stare said, "that's baby Jesus Mom. He was sleeping."


Speaking of Nativities.... the winner winner of my very first ever very exciting giveaway issssss... according to the very random results at and my husband, who I made press the "generate" button is...

Anna F. Congratulations! A Nativity will soon be arriving to your home, please email me and let me know where that is exactly :).

Thanks everyone else for your entry. I will be doing more related giveaways in the future so fret not if you like wood painted people.

Hmmm and if you want to read something looks like I wrote N for Nativity last year too. Maybe it's more legit?

1 comment:

  1. hahahaah. Davy might make me laugh harder than Suri ... an impressive feat.

    I WILL win a wooden people ... watch out.


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