Dec 10, 2011

K is for Kitchen

Most of my life as a mom besides pretending to sleep next to kicking children has been spent in the kitchen. I could have never in my wildest dreams guessed how much time I would spend in there.

In our future residence, if we ever graduate out of this house, I want some couches in the kitchen, maybe a bed and definitely 20 times more counter top space and cabinetry.

As of late, my time cooking in the kitchen has diminished dramatically due to all things nausea and over active olfactories related. However, we are still hanging out in there and I don't know why. Maybe it's the prospect of never ending food, which is definitely likely in Gianna's case.

I honestly feel like I clean the kitchen one hundred or so times a day. The amount of water alone spilled in that kitchen daily could fill up a small backyard pond.

see what a happy place it is? if only it had a bed.
I think I might spend a lot of time in there acting like I'm cleaning, but really just dreading moving at all.

I paint in there. I make the kids craft in there. There are usually about 10 toys on the ground in there, which is nice because it doubles as a playroom when necessary.

Basically I think that there is something that draws people to the kitchen besides food. Maybe magic? The kitchen is an active room where you do things. Lots of people dance in their kitchens. We do all the time, and usually I close the blinds because it is embarressing. Kitchens are places of love and family. That is what I am going to repeat over and over and over to myself I repeatedly feel like my insides are trying to get out.

Hope you cook up something good soon or just keep openning your refridgerator hoping something new pops up. Just stop. There is nothing good left.


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