Dec 20, 2011

U is for Underprepared

It means you didn't do anything when you probably should have been. Or maybe you didn't know what you were supposed to be doing.

I'm pretty sure that's what happened to me this Christmas. I had so much time for so long. And then today rolls around and I feel like I finally remembered all the stuff I should have been doing for the past month.

Which is one reason why I went to the mall this evening with my friend and her two sweet children and my two children with no adjective attached for a reason. (I'm trying not to label them with words like crazy and ill-behaved.)

While attempting to return 20 pairs of socks to Forever XXI, I was told that one of the 3-packs of socks was not on my receipt and then given "the look" like I stole some crazy ugly socks and then tried to return them. What kind of human buys $60 worth of Forever XXI socks in the first place? (My husband, the brainchild of Terwilliger Twilly) I'm pretty sure it would not be the same person who steals a $4.80 pack of socks and tries to return them. I would have at least stolen something smaller and more expensive. Socks? Come on. I've actually never stolen anything in my life, but my heart was still racing throughout the ordeal and I really thought I might get taken in by the Forever XXI police dressed in drag. jk. not really.

I hope you all get your Christmas shenanigans in order before the big day. And I hope someone else does it for me so I can take a long nap.

peace love and Christmas to you.

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