Dec 21, 2011

V is for Vivid

Davy has never really done the imaginary friend thing over here. Most of me is ok with that, because I flash back to a girl in my first grade class who had a few imaginary friends, including a baby, and she really freaked me out as she pretended they were crawling all over her and she shrieked in delight. I just really don't want Davy to be that girl.

Apparently and unfortunately her tune changed dramatically today. I was introduced to Davy's brother Connor. He's younger than her, but taller.  And on our little walk this afternoon,  he held Davy's hand pretty successfully without getting hit by any cars.

A little bit later Davy introduced me to to her sister Valia. These are all direct quotes from Davy..."She is from January 6th. And we go to the same high school, but she doesn't need school. And we dance together. And even she loves dancin.' We go to the same high school because we love each other. And we go to the same ballerina class where we learn about being a ballerina."

And now her and Gianna are making snow angels for Daddy in the living room.


A few hours have come and gone. And now I just really need someone to make Davy go to sleep and bring my sushi. In reverse order. It's important. The baby loves sushi. By the way, Davy named her Lali. But we don't know what the baby is quite yet.

Don't worry we won't make you wait 6 more long and annoying months. Not even the Blessed Mother had to do that. We will let you know after the Sex Surprise Party I mean Gender Coming Out Party or really just a Gender Reveal Party. My friend Anne said to call it one of the first few names if we want to amp up the attendance.  I guess we'll see about that one.

Have a night with vivid dreams.

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  1. Haha, this one really gave me a chuckle. Coming out party, haha! I hope you are feeling well!


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