Dec 29, 2011

Laying the Smack Down

Wow. So much has happened since our very Merry Christmas and unfortuanately all the extra sleep I have been getting and delicious food has made my brain somewhat foggy of some funny details of this break.

Except this little tidbit.

Last night, Davy would. not. go. to. bed.

It lasted hours and hours. Christopher was a champ through it all. I heard him tell her a gazillion Terrwilliger Twilly stories. He sang her songs. He let her tell him ridiculous stories. He got her water. He re-tucked her in more times than I could count.

I thought finally he had reached his nice daddy limit.

He's pretty much a softie in the realm of discipline and when he is stern, he is usually faking it.

So last night at like 10PM, as the mister and I were getting ready to actually sleep ourselves, we were disrupted by yelling and loud talking and toddler annoyingness... Then he looks at me seriously and says,

"I'm going to go lay the smack down."

I was intrigued, but mostly relieved he was taking care of the little noise issue next door.

About 2 seconds after he entered the girls' room.

I heard this.

I am still laughing about it.

Apparently he and I have different perceptions of what "laying the smack down" looks like.

I really didn't think there were peas in that song, but according to youtube I am wrong. OR maybe Raffi failed me.


  1. I think you are right, there are no peas...or, my whole childhood is a lie.

  2. Whoa, there were always peas in the version I remember!

  3. I found out the truth everyone. Raffi has invented new and improved lyrics that left out the peas.

  4. Sooo glad Raffi left peas out, eating peas make me angry.


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