Dec 12, 2011

M is for Momarchy.

It is sort of like complete anarchy mixed in with some fleeting moments where the mom really is the dictator. AND. You really have more control than one would think.

I've said it probably one million times before and so have hundreds of millions of others, but, it is worth repeating. "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

You could also look at that in a bit more positive light.

When you are in a good mood, it will likely spread to your family and then they will be in a good mood and then you will stay in a good mood, and then it will just keep repeating like this until someone poops on the floor and walks in it without telling you.

From personal experience, it is most important to keep your game face on in these situations. Which I definitely fail at multiple times daily.

I have little tiny kids so I feel like this is mostly true right now and can't speak for when they really become larger autonomous creatures.  But, my kids are learning how to behave from moi. When I am a jerk, they learn, that it's cool to be a jerk. When I get mad about bananas smashed in the playroom rug, they learn that yelling is a good way to let your feelings out. (Maybe sometimes it really is...but you get the picture.)

It's sort of like what goes around comes around at our house at least. And a lot of it starts with this girl.

Bring it mommy guilt. I'm so ready to be better.


  1. Mommy guilt is the best and the worst. This post was such a good reminder. And those pictures are AWESOME! haha

  2. I have so much guilt from being a psycho / grouchy mama because I am 9 months pregnant and dealing with a 1.5 and 2.5 year old. They are learning it's cool to yell (ugh) and throw mommy tantrums (double ugh)....I sure hope we all return to normal soon. Thanks for posting :) and I hope you aren't horrified at my honesty! haha :)

  3. I love this post, it is so true! I just came across your blog and your kids are adorable! I have twin boys and just started a blog myself! Would love for you to check it out!


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