Dec 25, 2011

Z is for Zeal

So far this Christmas has been. wow. So much family fun packed into one or two tiny egg rolls. Definitely delicious and filled with indeterminate amounts of amazingness.

You know what I'm talking about.

The kind when it's like 7:00PM and everyone thinks it's getting close to midnight. When 9:00PM rolls around... people start dropping like flies. Passing out in chairs, couches, standing up. Whatever.

Everyone except for the very zealous 31/2 year old. Still going strong after hours and hours and day 2 of almost straight partying and lbs. and lbs. of sugar. I thought sugar produced a crash at some point?

At the close of the evening, after being strapped in the car seat miracle worker, she did finally crash before we left the driveway of Grammy and Grampy's. I hope it's a long crash. And a very wonderful Christmas was had by all.

Followed by even more fun tomorrow. Fingers crossed for sleeping in until 7:30AM.

Merry merry merry Christmas!

Thank you wonderful family. We are muy muy blessed.

And if you have read these alphabet posts, give yourself a pat on the back and breath a sigh of relief, for they are d-o-n-e. phew. Buuuuut if you need more alphabet... here is what we like. Sometimes I sing the songs in my free time. It's animaltastic.

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  1. Christmas break has sucked me into a blogless vortex (good and bad) until today, I loved catching up on your posts, they are always wonderful :) Merry Christmas Mo!!!


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