Dec 19, 2011

S is for Stories

Sorry this is late. My husband's computer broke last night and so did mine. The timing was not ideal for this little ABC blog situation. So now I am at my sister's house wreaking havoc with Gianna.

Anywho. I hope the mac store can work miracles tonight.

Every day and night we tell stories to Davy and Gianna. Sometimes all throughout the day.

There are the ever popular, "when mommy was little" stories in which I mildly stretch the truth about my heroic obedience as a child. It's gotta be better than lecturing.

Davy is also quite fond of the "when I was a baby in San Francisco" stories. We tell her exciting stories of our adventures and then tell her that we were holding her throughout, or wearing her tribal woman style.

Then there are the before the girls go to bed stories.

For a good 6-12 months, Davy asked for Spiderman bed-time stories. And we are forced to include Venom in the story, too, because one time Christopher brought him up from his memories of comic-book dorkiness.  I don't even really know who Venom is. One time I googled his image and I was horrified that he is included in Davy's thoughts before her nightly slumber. I bet she imagines like a little boy made of colored marshmallows and clouds.  Davy insists that the story be about "Venom not sharin' his toys with Spiderman." The story usually ends with Spiderman crying and going home or Venom's mom coming out and telling Venom to share or she will take away all of his toys.

And what little girl can live without the very predictable and boring stories of the "princesses" who live in luxury and have colored ponies and matching dresses and sit around all day looking good. 

Daddy has been keeping it entertaining lately with stories about Terrwilliger Twilly the Caterpiller TM and his adventures of eating and living as a tiny creature.

Sorry if you have just fallen asleep yourself or passed out from boredom. If you have any other good ideas for bedtime stories, we are in the market.


  1. Clarification: Terwilliger Twilly™ is a woman, mother of 5 baby caterpillars.


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