Dec 5, 2011

F is for Facebook

A while back I broke up with facebook. Sort of....

I couldn't fully delete because my sweet husband made me a page for my blog like a year ago that I have never really used and I was the sole developer and to make a very boring story end sooner, I look super snobby on fbook now and made my page mostly private except for a picture and my name and this blog.

Anddddd I really thought this would change my life. And it did. For a while. I never got on...but then things would I would forget when exactly was my friend's birthday and look up how to spell my cousin's baby's name for my mom....or did so and so have her baby....and then I full on fbook stalked you all without your consent or ability to stalk back. And I'm sorry.

And maybe I should just come back....but I kind of like not having the pressure of constant communication...And I have been pretty good at growing some hobbies... tune in tomorrow for that fun.

IF you would like to give me any of your personal facebook advice. I welcome it. You can let me know if you think I should keep up my hypocrite ways or just get back full on double rainbow style on the fbook.

Plussss. A few people thought that I stopped blogging because I didn't post anything anymore. not true obviously.

Happy almost St. Nicholas Day! Put out a shoe if you like treats or small nutcrackers if you live at this house.

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