Dec 2, 2011

C is for Candy Climber

Anyone who has known me at anytime across my life would probably remember one unfortunate stand out quality.

I love candy. And I really don't discriminate. I will devour most things with sugar as the first ingredient swiftly and with aggression.

It's probably more like an addiction. Once when I was like 6 years old,  I ate my Halloween candy until I threw up. Then my mom put it on top of the fridge to keep it away for me. In the middle of the night she found me like a cat on the counter top scaling the side of the fridge to get it down. Liiiike I said, I have a problem.

Because I am self-aware, I generally don't buy candy as a rule. Somehow, though, candy finds me. One avenue has been my brother in law. He is basically Willy Wonka because of his candy-filled profession and once he gifted me 26 lbs. of it at one time. Needless to say, I ate most of it.

And as you may have well guessed, the candy apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I have created a tiny monster.

Recently, we had some candy on top of the fridge. I told her she couldn't have anymore, and walked into the other room momentarily and returned to this situation to my right. A Candy Climber. Thank goodness I walked into the kitchen at this exact moment. And strangely, fortunate for you, I had camera hanging around my neck from taking some cute pictures of my other offspring. So we have this beautiful documentation of the most frightening nature. This literally happened in seconds, maybe a minute. She is quick and I have no idea how she picked up that chair and placed it on top of the other...must have been sheer adrenaline to reach her prize.

Anywho. There you have it. (Don't worry. I saved her life immediately after this was snapped.)

Hope you have a fabulous sugar-filled weekend!

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