Dec 9, 2011

J is for Joying

Lately Davy learned a new trick. Maybe at school? I really have no idea. But it's confusing and cute.

"Want to see me JOY?" She will ask you grinning from ear to ear. And then you will say yes because what else would you say to a smiling 3 year old.

And then she will start jumping up and down smiling until she starts laughing.

IT is a sight to behold and I guess she embodies the verb form of the word joy, which may or may not exist in common english.

Gianna tries to take part as well, but she is still not capable of a real jump. My kids are always late jumpers. I'm kind of embarassed about it. But I don't want to push them or jump in front of them ever. Mostly because jumping hurts my feet and knees and I hate it. So they have to learn either outside the home at local library sessions of toddler dancing or just pick it up on the city street.

I can't believe I just confessed my hate for jumping on the world wide web. humiliation station.

Hope your night is happy and that you can spend a little time JOYING it up tonight, however you do that.


  1. Ha!! She is the funniest child I know and I've never even met her. Julia better be taking notes

  2. I never knew you didn't like to jump!

  3. Ok, so if the picture wasn't darling enough, the whole "Joy" thing is so cute and sweet!


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