Dec 4, 2011

D is for Dressing Up

We live for dress up over here. Everyday Davy dresses up in one thing or another as her daily attire. Sometimes it's cute, sometimes a little humbling, and sometimes it's downright ugly. But yesterday it was just disturbing.

They girls were playing at an average volume level in the other room for a few minutes while I chatted with their father at work. There was obviously nothing to worry about  because it was not eerily quiet and all of a sudden I felt proud. This is how it's supposed to be. Children playing together without a referee.  They were happily chatting to one another and I reminisced about myself as a child playing with my two sisters.

And then they walked in to the living room and shattered all my dreams.

Unfazed by her own beauty.

Notice the swirl pattern on the face. Skills.

"I always wanted black eyebrows! Thanks Davy!"
             That is mascara. And it's hard to tell from the pictures but it also nicely covered their hair.

It came out pretty easily with baby wipes and bathing them while scrubbing with soap products.

And now I will leave you with something a little less traumatizing.

A word of advice from the novice: "hide your kid. hide your wife. and hide your makeup."

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  1. Mo, I love this, so hilarious!! I am getting the girls a dress up bin for Christmas, they too love it. Wish they could dress up together :)


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