Dec 4, 2011

E is for Entertainment

 We are mostly boring people AND we don't have a TV. That's why I tell my self above things happen more often than not at this house.

For entertainment around here, the children have to get creative.

Today for instance, they spent a bit of time watching paint dry in the garage. Davy was even enjoying some popcorn while she viewed.
 Below we have two people pretending they love reading on the floor whilst fake smiling.
 We encourage Davy to try her hand at any offbeat sport she is interested in. We need her to get a full ride to college. Below she is working on her rake javelin moves.

 Gianna is more of a hiking/climbing type. Immediately after waking she dons a pair of boots to get herself in the mood and scales whatever is in her path.

Gianna also likes to travel on wheels. I hope this grocery cart is not indicative of her dream vehicle in the future.

Davy is a big fan of dangling Godzilla from her shirt by his teeth in a faux baby carrier situation for cheap thrills.

And I'm sure that if somehow you got through all of that, you were no where in the ballpark of being entertained. Try back later or watch some TV for us.

1 comment:

  1. at least she is not trying to get Godzilla to latch on. could be awkward. :/


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