Dec 19, 2011

T is for Terrible Twos

I don't have any two year olds in my house strictly speaking. But I think Gianna just decided to fast forward 3 1/2 months and jump right in to the hysterical state.

It happened without warning.

It happened without a fight.

She went to bed normal by day and awoke changed after night.

(Maybe I shouldn't have watched the cartoon Grinch Who Stole Christmas this evening.)

She was so sweet yesterday. Her favorite hobbies used to be snuggling for hours with her mom, twirling my hair into horrific dreadlocks, sucking her thumb, copying Davy, giggling, and climbing.

Today her favorite hobbies were screaming "no," yelling at me, hitting everyone, running away from me, hiding, and pushing over her cousin multiple times.

What happened to my sweet baby? I don't know if I am up for two full-time crazies over here.

I really really thought this time, I had done a better job and parented just a stitch better and had been reaping the benefits.

Thanks for the reality check life.

Gianna I am going to be on my A Game tomorrow. Watch out you little wacko. And if you change your mind about snuggling on the couch when Davy is at school, I'll be here.

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  1. Haha! They are so unpredictable, aren't they? At least she is a cute little terrible! And I hope your computer is feeling better!


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