Dec 16, 2011

Q is for Quick

three married quirky sisters.
Today my sister Katie and I were talking about the very average family in which we were raised, and have realized since getting married that some things were not quite normal.

One such thing, was that everyone always announces where they're going in a home. This might not sound weird, but according to our first few years of marriage, it is.

 I don't know why but when I was growing up, announcing your every move was not only normal, but expected. No one would ever get up and go anywhere in the house without telling everyone where they were going.

And restroom visits were always attached to the words, "really quick." I guess to ensure that no one would start doing anything fun while you were away.

But translate that to marriage and you realize that no newly married man wants to hear that you are running to the bathroom "really quick" every single time nature summons you. It's not cute. 

My little niece.
As my children and my little niece are learning to go potty, now they also tell you that they have to go "really quick" or "weewy kik." (Which her little Therese never ever does because she makes you read her like 20 books while she is working.)

Our kids think it's part of the phrase. So what. It's definitely better than saying, "I have to use the restroom and I will be absent for an extended period of time." sick. i just took it there.

I'm now going to bed really quick.

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