Dec 17, 2011

R is for Relish

Relishing life.
I feel like the past few months, maybe year, have been filled with story after story of people I love and some I just know in passing, who have had great tragedies. Mostly I have just sat at home and cried over these heartaches, for the those who have been lost or wounded and I've sat at home and prayed. It's hard to really know what the right thing to say or do is sometimes.

I read a post from a woman that I do not know tonight about her and her son, who were in a terrible accident (pray for their little baby).  What really struck me was how quickly and unplanned things seem to happen. No one is planning for loved ones to die or become seriously injured or for cancer or job loss. It usually hits quickly and abruptly.

Sometimes sadness and tragedy are almost reminders of how "blessed" we are that those things are not happening to us right now. It's easy to think that way. But as much as no one in our society talks about it. Every life will end. And it's terribly sad and burdensome to think about, but not thinking about it will not make it easier when it hits. I don't think preoccupying yourself with morbidity every second of the day is necessarily healthy, but there is something to be said of realizing that every moment you spend on this planet is over by the time you have thought about it. You can't go back. You can only press ahead and try your damnedest to live and relish every moment that you have been given as the gift that it is.

I really have no idea what the best way to do this is, but this is what I have so far. And that doesn't mean I'm doing it.

1) All the stuff you have, does not matter. It will break. It will fail you. And you will never have enough. The more you give to stuff, the more it will enslave you.
2) Things you say, once said, can't be put back in your mouth. I have said about one million things in my life that I regret and I will probably never have even the slightest inkling of the damage I have done with my one big mouth.
3) GIVE. Give until it hurts. Selfishness makes people unhappy. Keeping all your toys to yourself is so preschool.
4) Are you ready for this all to end? What if it does tomorrow? You should probably think about that. Write down who you want to be, and do it. Don't wait. You really don't have time.
5) If you have kids, hug them and love them and pray for the children who have no one to show them love. They will learn what love is from you.
6) It's easier sometimes to be nicer to people you don't live with. Charity begins at home. That is where love should start. Put your family first in line to your love. Don't spend yourself all day on everyone else and leave yourself empty for those who need you most.
7) Pray. Don't be afraid if you don't do it often or know how. (It's just talking to someone who loves you most.)
8) Relish your time and get off your computer/ ipad/ phone/ technology life sucker.

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