Jan 3, 2012

Random Sounds of Our Home and Beyond

While feeding Davy very delicious Italian food at nearby locale, which was much more delicious than anything we have been eating lately over here, she said over and over,

"Mom and Dad, I am NEVER going to run out of love in my heart for you. I won't ever run out." Good food does that.

Davy and Gianna's very favorite new game is called screaming as loud as you can in unison until bursting into hysterics. It usually goes down when a parental unit is nauseous or has a splitting headache or is lost and late to a dinner date.  It sounds a little like this.

"AHHHHHH!!!" + nails on a chalk board and knives cutting china plates.

And here is a common Davy sound after she has left her bed and her room for the one millionth time of the night for no good reason. She usually comes up with something like this.

"Mom. I was just coming out here to tell you I love you and give you another goodnight kiss." sure kid. And of course I'll take the kiss. I'm sure this won't last forever, right?

Gianna: Wake up Call from the Crib

MOMMMAAAAA!...... a few minutes pass maybe....... DADDDDDDAAAAA!.......a few more minutes of trying the same old same old. POOOOPOOOO!  that last call usually gets adults moving. (sorry if if you weren't expecting potty talk. expect it.)

And usually I don't say much around here. Just trying to quietly lead my family through my actions  humbly and obediently. I'm sure you get that same gist if you happen to read this blog.  But sometimes I say a few words here and there....And most frequented words of the holiday award goes to....

Take. Baby. Jesus. Out. Of. Your. Mouth. and also, Stop running with Baby Jesus in your mouth. Not to be outdone by, "Please give one of those Jesus babies to your sister."

afraid of the oats and beans and barley
And in case you missed it. Christopher the wonderful father of 2 3, likes to "lay the smack down" when kids won't go to bed, by bursting in and singing (and probably doing a little jig,)

"OATS AND BEANS AND BARLEY GROW x2.... DO YOU OR I OR ANYONE KNOW HOW OATS AND BEANS AND BARELY GROW?"  (Raffi style with no peas, I found out after some really important research.) ---that is for you Natasha. The weirdest part about the song is that it really works like a charm. It really does lay the smack down. Who knew?

And muchas gracias for the shout out Shelia!

I hope you are all staying warm and snug in your snuggies and Uggs. Also. Tonight there is a meteor shower. I just thought you should know, if you like seeing 100 meteorites in an hour and don't value middle of the night sleep.


  1. Hahahah! Oh, I love it. This all makes me laugh so hard because I can totally relate to all of it. Cute, silly, crazy kids.

  2. Love it. Thanks for doing the research!

  3. Well I am so glad Grace introduced me to your blog! Cheers to stay at home mommas:) Totally got a kick out of this post!


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