Jul 31, 2012

A Blog: Somethin' Womans Type On

Davy who do you want to be like when you grow up?

A good girl. Gigi is eating crayons and she is giving them to me saying "This gum.This gum" and I don't want to.

Davy don't kick Gigi.

Gianna get off Davy's back.

{Now Davy is giving Gianna a ride on her back. They're laughing. crap. she's hurt from the extra weight on her back. She hurt her knee.}

Davy is singing "Christmas flowers then we hold hands. Christmas flowers then we hold hands. Christmas flowers then we hold hands. holding your hand holding your hand holding your hand."

I asked her what exactly she was singing and she translated and then added that the flowers are, you guessed it, glow in the dark.

Davy what is your fav. thing to do outside?

Eat Popsicles on the front porch. And playing. And playing inside. 

{More Christmas holding hands song.Baby is stirring.Gianna is drawing me pictures and bringing them to me. Gianna brought me a water bottle to open.My kitchen is covered in crayons.Davy has taken it upon herself to get some water. She is now in a laundry basket on the couch.Cosette is now crying. Davy fell off couch.}

Davy what is a blog?

Somethin' that womans type on.

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  1. Oh, Mo, it is so good to have you back.


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