Jul 26, 2012

What Day is it?

And what month is it? I feel like I was sucked into a time warp or something for the last 4 months or so-ish. When I happen upon the date I immediately assume that something is obviously from last year because there is no way that it is yet June. But it seems that July has almost passed me by and I need to get in the freaking game.

And cut myself some slack because I just had a baby like a few weeks ago ummm 9 weeks ago. so for real this time, I'll try to be legit.

Can I go on a babymoon? like with just the baby.
It has been quite an adjustment getting back into the swing of reality and survival with three bambinas and one newly occupationed husband. More on all of that fun later. Just picture someone with who's had like 4 pina coladas and/or no sleep hanging out with 3 tutu wearing girlies under 4.

And today arrived like many in the last few weeks with plumbing adventures which distracted me while my closet was emptied of clothes by 2/3 of the girl squad. But those clothes really don't fit me anyway so maybe they are better suited as  a "nest" for babies in the corner of my bedroom. And then more crayon art was colored on my already decked walls and furniture with the added surprise of a waxy purple jumbo sized shoved in my very sweet 9 week old Cosette's mouth. Davyyoubetterrunbeforeyouareseriouslyinjured. for reals.

And some of those events contributed to the fact that I needed to go on a walk with a very very beautiful and pregnant friend which brings me back to the reason I do know the date today.

Dates can be important when little babes are arriving and as we were trying to figure out the date. I came to the rescue after I looked at my watch and told her it was the 24th. aaaaand she brought me back to reality and to July 26th. Excited to be here folks.

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  1. OH, hahaha! I love Davy. This post is so funny, yet probably not so funny to you. 3 is crazy cakes I tell you what! :)
    I am so on board with the baby moon idea. A cruise maybe? With a cute little nursery like at the hospitals with sweet nurses for nap times? Annnnd then I woke up.
    This summer has flown by in a blur, but I feel like this week I'm kind of sort of getting back to reality. And just because I typed that you know that tomorrow is going to be all sorts of crazinesss.
    That picture is so cute! Can't believe it's been 9 weeks!


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