Sep 10, 2012

Something Deep or Crazy

Since I haven't written on my lovely blog in like oh a MONTH! What the what? I decided today would be a good day to come on back to my lovely little home of world wide web therapy and unload my little (ok maybe not so much) self onto the internet.

A few things/ excuses. Just a reminder that my computer fell from about 4 feet because someone adorable and 4 years young at mi casa knocked it down. a while ago. I think I mentioned it once or 10 times. And....I still am without one.  This is a good thing if you are tiny at my house, because I am much more attentive, but a bad thing for my internet therapy sessions.

This is my husband's work computer. Thanks work and thanks husband who passed out next to me from pure exhaustion.

Today was a little cray cray. Not really. Pretty normal. Crazy is the new normal over here.

Bring. it. on. 

That's been my newfound drunkwithmotherhood bad-itude over here since we became a family of children thrice over.

How much crazier can it get? I can do this. I'm not really really tired. These have been my new mantras.

Then today came and some old lady knocked on my door and just shook me down from my tree of feeling slightly capable.

She had on bright red lipstick, purple gray hair and a pretty damn accusatory tone.


She was squinting at me all cock eyed and crazy faced.

I had to tell her the glaring truth.

"Yes. I ran in the house to get my other one and put her in the stroller."

I didn't even mention the baby I had to strap to a carrier or the Davy wardrobe malfunction or the fact that Gianna was buckled in safely far from the street in a stroller and that I had been OUTSIDE as crazy face approached my house. I though surely she had seen me run in?

And then she still looked at me like I had three wild heads to match my kids.

" you want me to sit outside with her so she isn't ALL ALONE?"

"Oh thanks, but I think she'll be ok, we are coming right out."

She sneered at me and so I conceded, "I mean if you want to, sure???"

I got outside like 30 seconds later, Gianna was asleep in the stroller and that weird old lady was halfway down the street, probably planning to call CPS. awesome blossom.

Note to self: face stroller away from street if you have kids in it and crazy looking ladies walking by.

I need your help to pretend there is a really cute picture of my girls {here} in bed in the early hours of the day all cozied up next to our little cozy Cosette. That's my favorite picture lately.

I miss reading all my favorite mommyblogs. I will be back to y'all soon.



  1. If you could only see the smile on my face when I saw that you posted. It always makes me so so so excited!

  2. So glad I found your blog! Three is when it all gets real!

  3. I'm so sorry about your computer still being down!
    And wow, little old lady obviously hasn't had three kids or is too old to remember that she did.
    You are awesome! Carry on!

  4. Hi! Visiting you by request of Cynthia at Finding Great Joy - and so glad to be here! Oh, honey, I feel your pain. I'm a mother to 5 boys, and before we moved to the farm, the city folk seriously thought I was bad mommy of the year every year. So, so many stories on that one. Have a glass of wine. Tell yourself you're awesome. Hug your kids. Repeat.
    ~ Susan


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