Jun 22, 2012

I'm Alive Again and I Had a Baby and first ever 7 Quick-Takes

Ummm I was a 7 Quick Takes Friday Virgin.

Until today. 

 I had a baby! yay for Cosette Regina. And I had her 4(!) weeks ago! woah. 

Cosette Regina was born May 25th at 1:39PM and weighed 6lbs. 5oz and was 19 inches long.

Sorry for not saying something sooner. I have been wishing and hoping and praying that I would find my camera battery charger which went missing approx. 2.5 months ago, pre-bedrest, and have been milking this excuse for not blogging for far too long to alarm the world of her arrival and of my annoying bedrest behavior and personality.

In my vanity, I was really hoping for an adorable baby girl donning bow pic, but alas I have nothing for you...except an extremely bruised little girl face from my brother in law, which I may or may not post.

I will come through soon with something cute-ish. maybe.

And also I may tell the very very interesting and graphic details of my little sweet's birth. But I also might not. It could be a surprise.
heyyyyy I forgot about photobooth.

Ummm no more steroids for my body. Ever. ever. EVER. I hate them and they hate me and they wreck me in the worst ways. And I'm not talking about the fattiness. Which is obvious and was kind of the point this time. The worst part, besides the incessant pre-term laboring and horrific contractions for 6 weeks, was they robbed me of my very brain and personality and just sucked the life out of me. And I had 99 out of the 100 possible side effects.

I am feeling a lot a lot a lot better now and my brain is coming back slowly and wearily. So bear with me.

Davy is at VBS. That's Vacation Bible School, for you heathens. ;) I love her so very freaking much. But boy oh boy is she high energy. And by high energy, I mean destructive. In a few short weeks, we have a completely crayoned bedroom, a glitterized basement, and a house with chunks of deodorant in random places. She is also awesome and a trip and makes me want to be 4 years old and her best friend. But how can I miss her if she won't go away? jk. It's just an old family saying.

Somebody fell off the Potty Train. And her name is Gianna. She was so so so potty trained pre-bedrest and now she is so not. She pooped on the kitchen floor 10 minutes ago. not. fair.
She also just passed out partly on top of me, wearing only in princess underwear and piggy-tales. She is so precious and ireallyhopeshedoesntpeeonme. A new baby has brought out some adorableness in Gianna and some expected alarm. Last night as dinner was wrapping up, she was dangling from the moses basket in its stand, with poor baby Cosette inside. Thankfully their lives were saved just in time by a very slow recovering mother. 

5x10=my mom. The steroids rendered me incapable of such fun. And now I can do simple math in my head. It's exciting. Guess what else is exciting? My mom is 50 today. And she is still hot. And I bought her a baking dish. Nothing says 50 like a white baking dish. And I can't wait to party with you mom. Like with a coffee and a walk. Maybe in a few weeks. Par-tay.

I have 3 kids now. I have forgotten a few times. Which is why it is imperative for mothers to have either 

a) ample sleep
b) coffee.

Obviously the former is not going to happen so the latter is completely necessary for everyone's survival. I hope you are reading this Anne.

husband+2/3 girls
I. am. so tired. And I hope you are reading this husband. 

Since this is my favorite number, I want to say something fun. blogging is fun. being a mom is fun. tune back in each Friday for some fun mom blogging and hopefully in between too. gg someone may or may not have thrown up on me.


sleeping. as always ;).


  1. Yes I love all seven and I miss you.

  2. Um, I am a bit embarrassed about how darn excited I got when I saw you pop up in my google reader. I saw a picture on FB a few weeks ago which showed you and THREE healthy girls, all ex-utero, so I knew you had the baby, but I have been patiently waiting for this very update. I am so totally satisfied now, thank you:)

    And that little girl is PRECIOUS!!!!!

  3. Congrats! So grateful to hear Cozette is hear and healthy!
    Good luck with everything!

  4. Such a sweet little baby girl! Love, love, love the story about Davy. I can relate :) So excited to see you back up on my blog reader again! woohoo!

  5. She is beyond beautiful! Congratulations mama! I hear the third baby is magical.

  6. Rachelle BiasiniJuly 31, 2012

    Maureen- haven't read your blog in forever, but caught up on it today. You crack me up!! Congratulations on 3 beautiful girls!! What a blessing!


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