Sep 24, 2012

Wild Gardens of Monday or Adult ADHD

We picked some carrots from our garden today. It's ok that some were like one millimeter in circumference, right? Maybe we can put them in a salad for dolls. I didn't know what to do because some rabbits or aliens were eating the tops off. So... I impulsively picked them with my toddler friends.

I also just got a book called "breaking the vicious cycle" via amazon and an unmarked white kidnapping van. I ordered it last week after feeling especially ambitious and sick of ulcerative colitis impromptu parties.

Please don't tell anyone that has been trying to convince me that food will heal all things related to my brain and digestive system that I am starting to convert.  I do not fully believe that grain is evil evil. I am trying to be open minded. But not so much that my brain will fall out.

I saw a really phenomenal film yesterday. Definitely felt like I was on top of culture and societal norms after a few years of being hidden away stayathomemomin' it up. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. It was breathtaking. Davy has been reminding me all day of little things she learned about dogs from the movie. Yay for homeschooling preschool. Science class for the week.

Gianna and Davy are taking part in a Words of Wonder pseudo-Catechesis of the Good Shepherd FREE program at our church. It has been nice. Last week Gianna spent the bulk of the class rolling around wrestling two stuffed sheep on a green pasture rug. Then today some girl completely decked Davy for no reason after class. Her little body went flying into a wood chair after contact. I watched this little girl get a crazy look in her eye and literally run arms outstretched at an unsuspecting Davy across the room. It kind of freaked me out.

Usually when other kids hurt my precious babes, I am relatively laid back. But this time I was torn between wanting to score some revenge for Davy and run away in case little blondie wanted a piece of me too. 

Anywho. My tiny sweet baby Cosette has been sick for a few days over here and it hurts my motherly heart and my IQ which has been dwindling steadily for 4 and a half years due to scant sleep situations.

Someone very wise wrote commented on post about baby #3 that the third baby is magical and they. were. right.

I wear that belly dancing skirt every day. don't judge. it helps me clean.
She is not only my favorite person ever, but she is kind of like a little drug of happiness. Baby crack. Yay for awesome babies. Hope your day was filled with non-drug induced happiness, too. And in case you were wondering....Caffeine is not a drug: it's a medicine for mothers.


  1. Can I get that last line cross stitched?!

    Had to share on Facebook. Yep, that annoying reader.

    Sort of sorry.

  2. Um, your belly dancing skirt. Hell yes. And your kids are very well dressed for the sleep desert you inhabit...color me impressed.

  3. Yay for third babies. Ours just got here and he is a little bit magical...:) Just found your blog via Grace. Nice to meet you. Anyone who loves caffeine that much is a friend of mine.

  4. Doesn't it hurt your heart when your little one is sick? I have a severe case of baby fever. I need my baby crack fix soon. Your little ones are adorbs.

  5. Go easy on the mom of the kid who hit your daughter! Our third is magical in that she has moves that make Mike Tyson look like a wimp. I sometimes feel like we need to just stay at home everyday to keep the rest of humanity safe. The other suggestion is get Davy a little self defense lessons!

  6. Clicked over from Graces FB share... love the belly dancing skirt! :))

  7. I very over enthusiastic YES to all of the great.

  8. Mo, you are fabulous. This made me laugh a lot (but only quietly to myself because it is 6:57 a.m. and peeps are still in bed). Also it is seeeeeeriously making me want this little girl to be on the outside!!!!

  9. Ahhh, the four of you girls together are adorable! I'm sorry Cosette has been sick. I hope she's feeling better soon! :( Poor girl! Ellee is fighting a little cold and listening to her breathe breaks my heart.
    Amen on the caffeine.


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