Jul 9, 2012

5 years of Poison Ivy Love

This weekend, on almost exactly the five year anniversary of the day I took my vows and married my love, he was plagued with a horrible bout of poison ivy that has rendered him partially incapable of his normal level of help in the parent portion of our family.
what do you mean by "in sickness and in health" exactly?

I have on occassion bemoaned my state in life when he is less than available due to crazy work hours or unjustifiable tiredness. But this poison ivy situation really threw me. We had a weekend filled with a dad's b'day fun, a 5 year anniversary of marital bliss, pedicures and confession with pregnant friends, a big sis's wedding and reception with a 6 week old in tow, Cosette's baptism, and a very last minute party. I just needed him to be on his A game so that we could make it unscathed. And we did. mostly. But I was kinda irritated here and there with his oozing wounds and calamine lotion and gauze. whatajerkiam.

a little baptism action. more on that later.
And then this evening I remembered he did 6 short weeks ago for me for my 6ish weeks of horribleness while I was on bedrest. ummm. I have only been at this solo-ish for a few days and I know the end is in sight. Can I get a hoo-rah for drugs tomorrow.

And did I mention that he is muy muy uncomfortable. Our city beat it's record of heat in like 77 years or something. Thermometers were saying 106. And I'm pretty sure heat and poison ivy are not a fun combo.

I mean he completely held up the fort here at home after full days of work while transitioning into a new job. He put girls to bed, kept me alive while I was gestating in a form far from who and what he married, and kept our home liveable.

Easter: Daddy and Gi
So even though things get a little tiny bit crazy and itchy sometimes and I can be crazy and bitchy sometimes, I am so grateful to be married and have someone through the "good times and bad, and sickness and health." Because. ummm. marriage is really full of those times.


  1. Happy anniversary, Mo!!! I am so sorry about Chris's poison ivy and I totally understand getting frustrated when the hubs is out of commission. But definitely appreciated the reflection on being a good, understanding wifey-- you're always so insightful! Luuuuuuv that new little baby- want to kiss her little cheeks!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! You two are truly blessed!

  4. Congrats!!
    Sorry about the poison ivy. Your poor hubby, hope he feels better soon!
    It's so hard for everyone when the hubby is sick or hurt. First off, sometimes men take being sick verrrrrrry seriously, and second it's so hard not to have the usual support, physical or emotional or whatever. Dev just broke a few of his ribs this past weekend, and the poor guy is in so much pain, but it's also so hard to not have him lift anything or hold Elli or feed me the usual bon bons. But in the end it really makes you appreciate when everyone is at "full" health I suppose. ;)
    Hope you and little Cozette are doing well!


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